Why I Love Coffee

coffebagWhy do I love coffee..? Let me count the ways.
The taste of coffee is comforting and grounding.
When I drink coffee I feel a nostalgia that is hard to explain; a warmth.
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The aroma, the taste, the buzz, the culture, and the connections, all are worthy reasons.
In the morning coffee lifts me up and boosts my day.



I love the culture and variety of coffee:

I enjoy learning about the different countries that grow coffee.

I’m intrigued by different roasting and brewing techniques. I love the roasted nutty smell and taste of good coffee beans. Experimenting with coffee flavors and styles can be a lot of fun.


cupsI am fascinated with all the wonderful different ways to enjoy the incredible edible coffee bean.

Coffee is soothing on a rainy day, and melts away the brittle snow or ice of winter. When a day is full of hustle and bustle, taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee calms me.


Drinking coffee also induces community. People like to drink coffee together. It makes talking easier and more comforting. It may be tea or some other beverage, but the concept of sitting around in comfy couches or chairs drinking something steamy and talking, is oh so inviting.

I suppose many people just drink coffee because it is caffeinated and a good energy boost, and that is certainly a good reason.

However, to me, coffee is an experience; something to slow down for, to savor and enjoy.

Of course what better experience to share coffee with, then
curled up with a great book!

What do you enjoy most about coffee?


182 thoughts on “Why I Love Coffee

    • It’s so great, the diversity makes it that much more interesting of an experience. I love trying different coffees. I haven’t traveled much, but when I have their coffee is always the first thing I try.


  1. I’ve enjoyed your taste in books, but this time we disagree. Coffee was called “Lifer Juice” in the military. And as a disabled veteran that was not the best “life” memories I care to cherish. So my comfort drink is a large mug of Hot Chocolate.

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  2. Coffee to me means companionship and comfort. It’s best enjoyed when it’s shared, although sometimes it’s just nice to savour it with a good book. And so many varieties, we’re very spoiled when it comes to a good coffee. Mmmm, I can smell one brewing now!

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  3. Be careful researching coffee. Drollery and I nearly died when we found out how some of the exotic coffee beans are gathered. Was enough to make me not want to drink any anymore! (Well, except for Starbucks raspberry mocha frappucinos. 😀 )

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    • That’s a good idea, you might find something you like after-all. All coffees are not created equal. Try different roasts, milks, and flavor blends. If you find coffee too bitter, try a medium roast instead of dark, and look for words like “nutty, mild, sweet notes, etc.” in the roast description. Also, try grinding your own beans, they retain better flavor whole. 🙂

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  4. I’ve never enjoyed the taste of coffee; but understand what you mean. I’ve drank coffee with friends just to be sociable but usually turn to tea. Like you I enjoy the flavor experiences of different teas, the social atmosphere. Especially in different places around the world where coffee and tea are an experience rather than just sustenance. Enjoyed your words…have great day and a good morning cup of coffee…. : 0 )

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  5. This is great! I’m a huge advocate for coffee as an experience 😉
    I’ll always have a soft spot for getting my writing done while clutching a coffee – they seem to go hand in hand, and I always do love when bookstores have a little coffee stand tucked away in the corner. Something about the smell of ink on paper and freshly ground coffee beans.


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  6. I love coffee so much but I try to limit my intake. One of my favorite things about coffee is the aroma. I love drinking really hot coffee. Is that just me? When it’s warm it just doesn’t taste as good. I love iced coffee even more. I could talk about coffee all day but I’ll stop here. Great post! 🙂

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  7. Beautiful. As a fellow coffee lover all of these points are true. There is just so much to it. I got a small bag of kopi luwak coffee as a gift the other day and was once again reminded of the infinite variety of this amazing beverage.

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  8. just reading his made me all warm inside!! love all the visuals, I can almost smell it. I love how coffee can bring family together. “let’s have a cup of coffee.” while we hangout and talk. but I also love ICED coffee! though most of the time I opt for expresso as my drug of choice. great post!

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  9. each cup, each sip, bring me back to my childhood when my grandpa, on his knees, for the first time let me try it in his morning bowl.

    Yes in north of France (where I come from) we start the day with a dark, massive bowl of coffee with bread cover of butter, that’s what we do ! (hand on my chest). He used to say: “if the stone don’t hold in vertical, it’s not strong enough”.

    While my mum always say: “coffee is bad for you, it avoid you to sleep … blablabla” … for me coffee is relaxing, grounding, with every single sip, my mind get clearer. suddenly i’m out of my grandpa knees trying coffee for the first time, i’m back in the room, fresh and focussed. thanks coffee.

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  10. Beautiful post. I love coffee too but only when writing but not when reading:-). BTW, I’m currently reading a novel Café Dulcet by Chiquis Barron…”Coffee and people are similar in many ways.” If you haven’t read it, you might enjoy it.

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  11. Mmm, well said. Now I want some coffee! Ah, the power of suggestion. I love every single thing about coffee. Although I’m not a big reader, it does help me when I study having a nice warm cup by my side 🙂


  12. Beautifully expressed, a love-poem that coffee well deserves. On a slightly more sombre note, I’ll add only the plea that we all take the time (& as needed spend the bit of extra money) to ensure that we are buying Fair Trade, ethically-sourced, environmentally responsible coffee. That way we’ll be supporting both people and the environment, instead of exploiting them…

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  13. I couldn’t agree more! As children when something didn’t go well we shouted do-over. A chance to do something over in a better way. I think a great cup of coffee is my adult do-over in addition to all the many things you so eloquently pointed out in your post. 😉 Thanks for sharing. G-uno

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  14. I was doing just fine, catching up on those I follow and then you with your aroma, your photos, your words. So I’ll be back in a moment after I brew and nice hot cup, and then take in the scent of the ocean as I assemble a baby bed for my grand daughter who is due any day now.

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  16. I never liked coffee till i was in my 40’s. That’s when I discovered that it wasn’t the coffee but the way it was made. Most of the places I tried (including my parents house) made it too weak….so it was like drinking dishwater. Once I discovered espresso and cappuccino it was a whole new story. And I’m not a caffeine addict…I don’t get the headache if I don’t have it.
    But although I live near Seattle (home of Starbucks) I don’t wander around with a “to go ” cup in hand. Like you coffee is a social thing…sitting either with a good book or as the poet Rod McKuen said “a friend who has read one”. Unfortunately he was not talking about coffee but it works.
    And I love sitting in a bar (that’s where they serve coffee) in Venice, Italy…even alone and watching the world go by!

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  17. I’ve been loving coffee since I was twelve or so. By now, I think I drink a lot of coffee for only one reason: caffeine! 🙂

    P.S.: when I was in high school in I stayed at my parent’s house, we lived just near a roasting. I’ve got up every Saturday morning with the smell of roasted coffee. Great. Simply great.
    P.P.S.: I’m not an English native. Hope I’ve not done too much mistakes!

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  18. I also love coffee and love trying different coffees. The proliferation of local roasters has been terrific. We can now have access to “craft coffee,” much like the growth of “craft beer.” The best coffee I’ve had recently was some that my wife brought home from Johannesburg that she bought from a small roaster there. It had an amazingly rich and complex flavor. I’ve been trying to find African coffees that taste like it ever since.

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  19. Great post. I really like the focus on community. It is a global product with a great amount of rich varieties and flavors that is enjoyed in the most local of settings. To me, those best moments are with friends after a weekend dinner. The dinner might have been fantastic, but it typically involves a great amount of effort to get a great end result. For those of us with kids, there is the added stress of feeding and cleaning up after them. Coffee, on the other hand, pays richly for a small bit of brewing effort, and one can send the children off to play while the adults are able to have great conversations by the fireplace with a warm brew. Coffee in the workplace can mean the most productive meetings and conversations that occur away from the drudgery of the cubicle or the bland meeting conference room. Coffee can even bring cheer in warmth in moments of solitude. Nothing breaks up the monotony of the desk job quite like taking fifteen minutes to enjoy a favorite coffee and to just think and reflect away from the screen.

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  20. I have always found that I really enjoy my coffee when I have time to enjoy it. This usually means reading the newspaper on a Saturday, or watching some of my favourite YouTubers. In the latter case, I delay watching until I can get my beans ground and my favourite cup clean.

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  21. Coffee is to me what comfort food is to some. I received a kerug coffee maker for Christmas which I love, but also enjoy old fashioned drip style. Have you ever tried Community Coffee? Made in Louisiana, strong and delicious. Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee a favorite but very expensive. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your theme and your writing!

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