Café au thor


IMG_20151119_170747 (1)I love to read, write, and drink coffee. They are the bread and butter for my soul. I really enjoy discussing books, poetry, and the like. Another huge passion of mine is dancing, and for fun I am an avid volleyball player. I live in the NW and I am a hybrid city/country lover. I enjoy spending time hiking through nature and riding horses at the family farm. But I also equally enjoy strolling the waterfront with a latte, gazing the city lights, and/or sipping on a delicious Café con leche at my favorite Cuban eatery.

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241 thoughts on “Café au thor

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  2. This is a bit belated, but thank you for following my blog. You have a nice website though I certainly read a lot more science fiction and alternative history than you seem to based upon your posts. Might I recommend a few?

    Alien: River of Pain by Christopher Golden

    The Short Victorious War by David Weber

    How Few Remain by Harry Turtledove

    Himmler’s War by Robert Convoy

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  9. Hi Abbie Lu! There are some coffee shops that you just KNOW are like home when you come through the door. That is the same feel here in the cafebookbean. Um, yeah… I’ll have a 16 oz. latte and biscotti, please. And then I’ll just curl up in that corner chair and open something by Wilde. (Clearly, I like this place!) Jilly

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  10. Hi Abbie, thanks so much for the follow and greatly appreciated. Wow, you have some following there, fantastic stuff. One book I’d give you the heads up on is “Lying in Wait” by Liz Nugent an Irish writer. Only her second novel, but a great page turner. Let me see more of your work and enjoy life. MM 🍀

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  13. Thanks for visiting my The World’s Fare blog. I too love reading and coffee — and writing and coffee. In fact, I spend enough time at my local Starbuck’s that I listed the baristas in the acknowledgements for my last book (Midwest Maize). I’ll list them in the next book, too. There is something about coffee and words that just go together. Happy reading.

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