Why I Love Coffee

coffebagWhy do I love coffee..? Let me count the ways.
The taste of coffee is comforting and grounding.
When I drink coffee I feel a nostalgia that is hard to explain; a warmth.
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The aroma, the taste, the buzz, the culture, and the connections, all are worthy reasons.
In the morning coffee lifts me up and boosts my day.



I love the culture and variety of coffee:

I enjoy learning about the different countries that grow coffee.

I’m intrigued by different roasting and brewing techniques. I love the roasted nutty smell and taste of good coffee beans. Experimenting with coffee flavors and styles can be a lot of fun.


cupsI am fascinated with all the wonderful different ways to enjoy the incredible edible coffee bean.

Coffee is soothing on a rainy day, and melts away the brittle snow or ice of winter. When a day is full of hustle and bustle, taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee calms me.


Drinking coffee also induces community. People like to drink coffee together. It makes talking easier and more comforting. It may be tea or some other beverage, but the concept of sitting around in comfy couches or chairs drinking something steamy and talking, is oh so inviting.

I suppose many people just drink coffee because it is caffeinated and a good energy boost, and that is certainly a good reason.

However, to me, coffee is an experience; something to slow down for, to savor and enjoy.

Of course what better experience to share coffee with, then
curled up with a great book!

What do you enjoy most about coffee?



182 thoughts on “Why I Love Coffee

  1. Perfectly penned! To me, coffee is an culture experience at times. However, I prefer my coffee all to myself with either an empty screen, a book of poetry or let it be pen and paper…

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  2. To be honest I had a great distate for coffee. The taste of it brought shivers down my spine.
    I recall an guy who told me that coffee drinking is something to be learned, but I replied that if something tastes bitter, then it will stay that way, keep fooling yourself. However, a friend of mine encouraged to try it again with some flavor first, just to mild up the taste and placate my distate for it.
    It worked. Now I’m drinking coffee every day. I suppose different methods apply to appreciate coffee and mine worked with adding flavoring to it at first. Next time I’ll try the French press coffee. Though I wouldnt mind hot chocolate right now. Good post!

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    • French Press will not help with the bitterness necessarily. Be sure to pick a mild, medium roast bean. Also, try a cafe latte or cafe con leche, the hot milk really helps to smooth out the flavors. You can still add flavoring or sugar if you need it more sweet. If you are a hot chocolate fan, then a good mocha might be worth a try too. I’m glad that you found you like coffee after-all, keep trying new and different ways to enjoy it!

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  4. What I like most about coffee besides drinking it. Going to the coffee shops and smelling all the whole coffee beans, then sampling fresh brewed coffee right there on the spot, no cream, no sugar, just a shot of pure coffee.

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  5. Beautifully written and your images are all fabtastic! Nice one.

    I recently discovered the magic that is coffee after years of not really enjoying it. Ended up writing a paper late into the night, needed a boost, and now I drink it almost as much as I drink tea 😀 I’m not quite sure what happened, but I’m loving it.

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  6. Have you tried Turkish coffee? Written about it? Such a different approach to making coffee. One can find recipes online but it’s important to use a type of coffee and grind especially for this. I also learned to like the blond-roast and cardomon coffee served the the Gulf countries.

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  7. Great post! I’m sure that you could convince a non-coffee drinker to give it a try with those reasons! 😉 Personally, I love coffee as a ‘pick me up’ and all of the varieties can make the experience different every time!

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  8. I go to bed at night already enjoying the cup of coffee that awaits me in the morning. Love your pictures and you describe the relationship that I to have with my coffee. By the way, I got a Nespresso Vertuoline single cup coffee maker for Christmas and it is wonderful! It also comes with a milk frother! The coffee is rich and so flavorful in my kitchen smells like a coffee shop. I have started taking prilosec and zantac however to manage the increased coffee! So glad you enjoyed my blog

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  9. Coffee is a gift for the tired soul, a soothing inner balm on a frigid day, a friend to wake and welcome you to the morning, a companion to share the logs in the fire in the evening, and so many other things, but mostly it’s my favorite drink. Rather that than even Amaretto….., well, maybe with Amaretto ok !!!

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  10. I enjoy the different flavors, you know. It’s like each flavor, each mixture of ingredients is for the mood or moment. Even if it isn’t 100% effective in giving you energy, it’s enough. It’s the one thing I loved walking into school with homemade coffee, preparing me for the day of hard work and frying my brain.

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  11. I love coffee too but my main drink is tea. I grew up in a Scottish household and there was always a pot of tea going. I really enjoy my Tim Horton’s coffee, though…it is a treat and some days I just need the boost that only coffee can give. Great post, I think you covered all of the important ways coffee is used and thought of in this culture. Have you ever tried chocolate covered coffee beans? My stepson gave me some once…they take some getting used to and you have to limit them since that is a lot of caffeine you are ingesting between the coffee and chocolate. LOL

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  12. Hei Abbie Lu, Coffee? The smell, definitely. Mum used to add just a dash of salt and some cardamon if she wanted a special cuppa. Made fresh with grounds – in water almost on the boil. Then left to brew. Dregs given to the pot plants. They loved it too 🙂

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