Stairway to Heaven Lookbook




Creating beautiful and unique ways to display books is something that really intrigues and delights me. I love seeing all the different way people have come up with to make their book experience enchanting. For me it’s even greater looking at space saving book storage solutions. This lookbook has the best of both.


These stairs truly are a way to heaven, book heaven πŸ™‚

april-1981-book-shelves-stairs-homeI love the whole design; the architecture, the regal-ness of the books, those stairs are heavenly indeed!

stairs-made-into-bookshelves-13I love the sleekness and modern warmth of these stairs.

This set up is so amazing. I love how all the colors pop off the
crisp white backdrop.

B166.0cI think this one might be the funnest. Climb up stairs filled with books
and slide back down!

Contemporary-staircase-with-minimalist-book-shelves-in-all-whiteI love this, I just imagine that those stairs lead to a heavenly room
filled with even more books.

stairs-book-shelves-combinedDon’t get dizzy. This design is also pretty fun and fantastic. If I had this little stair-nook/ book-cave I could spend all day in it.

I love this concept, I love how you could make it so personal too, and
the kid’s one is SO great!


Beautiful-book-shelf-that-matches-the-design-of-the-stairsI Β like the modern edgy-ness of this design, so neat and interesting.

These two are great because they are both utilize space so well.

dezeen_Book-Tower-House-by-Platform-5_1sqI really like this one, it’s like a personal Β book-fort, a
inside modern tree-house!

All of these make my heart sing, I just wish I had stairs in my house. πŸ™‚

Which one is your favorite?




67 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven Lookbook

  1. I love spaces like these! For some reason books are so exciting when your couple them with a cool staircase design. I’ve seen one before where it’s a door/wall panel filled with books then they opens up to a secret room behind filled with more books! My life will not be complete unless I have one of these designs!

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  3. Oh my gosh, I love all of these! ❀
    I don't have nearly enough space for my books so I've had to box a lot of them and put them into storage, unfortunately. I'm trying to get enough tools to learn how to do DIY projects like inserted shelving, among other things, so maybe one day I can have something amazing like this. πŸ˜‰
    Three and five were definitely my favorites though! I love the sleek, modern design of number three, but the slide on number five looks way fun. πŸ˜€

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