Book Door Lookbook

There are so many creative way to display books, but of all of them hidden bookshelf doors are my favorite! I have a small home so I can really appreciate any idea that saves space, and adds a little quirky
fun design to a house.

Here are some great book doors. This first one gives me all kinds of ideas.

book-case-door-after-iiI think this is such a great idea, what an awesome way to utilize all the space in your home. If it was me, inside that door would be a cozy little book nook getaway!chestnut-hill-02I am such a fan of the sliding hidden shelves! Not only does it save space but it is also a bit of fun I think. double-bookcase-door-600This one may be my favorite (design wise,) but I’m not sure, they are all so lovely. I think this one is a bit more obvious then the others though…
I love the color and molding.ea21831e099dd78b_5314-w500-h666-b0-p0--traditional-hallI love that there are even more books going up the stairs on the walls behind the secret shelf. This is clearly a bibliophile who has found a solution to Tsundoku.
hidden-secret-door-bookcase-ideas-pictureI think the modern sleekness of this shelf is so beautiful. The clean lines and
gorgeous wood is amazing.
ContentImage-3239-136961-hiddendoor1smallAnd then we have it’s opposite, I also love this rustic oddball. The wood is so pretty, and I dig the funky old world feel.

Do any of you have a hidden bookshelf door or something similar?

Just saw this kit of!!!