Libraries Around The World

lookbookThere are so many amazing, unique, and gorgeous libraries all over our beautiful world. Today I’ll highlight a selection of wonderful and culturally diverse libraries:

Stunning Literary Harbors from all around the World!

“Bristol Central Library” Englandbristol central library“Central Public Library” Vancouver, Canadacentral public library vancouver canada
“Baltimore George Peabody Library” Maryland
baltimore george peabody library
“Connemara Public Library” IndiaConnemara Public Library, IndiaConnemara as well, it’s just so gorgeous!Connemara Public Library, India2
“Stuttgart City Library” Germanystuttgart-city-library-interior

“Real Gabinete Português de Leitura” Rio de Janeiro, BrazilReal Gabinete Português de Leitura

“Taipei Public Library” Beitou BranchTaipei Public Library, Beitou Branch

“Biblioteca Vasconcelos” Mexico City

“Villanueva Public Library” ColumbiaVillanueva Public Librar

Tom Fruins outdoor sculpture  in the plaza of the Royal Danish LibraryTom Fruins outdoor sculpture_Kolonihavehus_in the plaza of the Royal Danish Library
“Wall of Knowledge” Stockholm Public Library, Germany
wall of knowledge Stockholm public library

“National Library of Belarus” Minsk, Belarus


95 thoughts on “Libraries Around The World

  1. It’s great to see some places still value books. I live in a little town, with an equally small library, that is only open a few days a week, because not enough people take advantage of what they have to offer.

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  2. Each of those buildings is pure magic. What a dream it would be to travel around the world and visit the great libraries–but I’d want to have something there that I could read. I guess if they don’t have books in English I’d bring my own.

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  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. On the other end of the spectrum we have a rural community nearby whose library is in a Butler building. One of those metal pre-fab jobs mainly used for industry. Pretty ugly, but beautiful in its own way because of the community’s commitment to having a library under difficult conditions.

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  4. Those are inspiring, and isn’t that what a library should be!? I predicted 13 years ago that libraries might no longer exist in 50 years, but these designs will keep them alive. I am a little proud of my own city’s library, and a good shot of it is here: . Some people hated the abstract sculptures placed as sentries near the two entrances, but I love them in contrast to the crisp, circuit-like formality of the building. What do you think?

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  6. Every time I see a picture of an amazing library, my hear literally aches with the thought that who knows if I will ever be able to visit any of them. (Hopefully, I will.) 🙂
    Super envious of people who live near such awesomeness.
    Great post ! 🙂

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  8. Reblogged this on The Accessible Traveler and commented:
    One of the many things I love to see when I travel is the local library. From Dublin to New York, there’s nothing quite like a massive majestic library (especially being the book addict that I am). This is a great post with pics of some of the most beautiful libraries from across the globe.

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  10. I’ve always loved libraries, they are places I spend hours in just wandering. I would go to the library to study when I was in school and find myself wandering the stacks for hours getting no studying done.

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  11. These are absolutely amazing! Thanks for posting these. I remember when I lived in Seoul a high school teacher there took her students to the library for a field trip. When I told her I didn’t “get it,” she shook her head and grinned, “Oh, Lonna, you just have to go yourself and find out.” She tried to convince me how stunning it was. I never did go, and with these pictures I’m so disappointed that I didn’t see what it looked like. Thanks again for posting.

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  12. Wow … thanks … wonder what’s going to become of them post-internet … here’s an idea, they could be art centres for sharing, handling, enacting, exploring, treasure hunts, overnight sleepovers … churches to the culture. Trouble is, the librarians might go Shhhhhh!

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