Book Nook Lookbook

books-are-beautiful - Edited.jpgI love cozy little book nooks I think they are the bees knees! Having a place set apart where you can curl up with your book just enhances each experience. They vary in sizes and styles, but they are a book lovers little piece of heaven.

Here is my book nook lookbook:
I love this little lofted book nook. It is full of cozy charm. It has a place to lounge, a rolling ladder, and an inviting color scheme.
This book nook is great it’s on the modern side but still oh so cozy. I love the couch with double chaises. This design is sleek while keeping it warm and comfortable, and I love that!
I am beside myself over this idea! It is a closet turned in to a book nook… Yes please! So awesome!
images (1)
This is a little rustic book nook. I love the ambiance of this nook and imagine it smelling wonderfully of wood and books. I’d curl up here any day.
I love the simple comfortable vibe of this book nook. The white with pops of color make it fun and versatile.
I adore the idea of creating book nooks for children. Lets teach them early the importance of a serenity space for relaxing to read.

Book nooks are a great way to encourage reading and promote relaxation. They become a place you can really take time to unwind, that way  you can really  sink in and
enjoy your book.

Which is your favorite book nook?

136 thoughts on “Book Nook Lookbook

  1. Definitely love the first one. The color, the ladder, the window. It really invites to us, the ones that need a window to look at while processing the reading…. Totally agree that these spaces need to be set up for children to enhance love for literature…

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  2. My favorite… definitely the first one: the color, the ladder, the window and natural light… It really invites us, the ones who need to look outside while processing the reading… Also, I totally agree about setting these types of places for children to enjoy a cool warm place to enhance to reading…

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  3. I don’t have many books these days, I have moved house 10 times in 10 years. But I’m working on the comfortable spot to read. Just bought the most comfortable chair which will sit in front of my fire place and I can assure you I’ll be reading a hell of a lot when I gets set up!

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  4. Jealousy is a curse – I wish we had the space for such nooks. I have an small room come office, full of books, but I don’t use it to’read’ for pleasure.
    I’d collected so many books that I had to pack them in boxes and store them in the garage, and when they reached just under 20 boxes I had to start culling down to eight, because I wanted the car to be out of the weather . . .decisions, decisions, which book to give away, and to whom, because I wanted them to go to a ‘good home’. There must be a medical term for this type of consideration :-o)

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  5. A good idea Abbie, but In Australia our libraries are free, and I live quite close to one with thousands of books, and audio books, so I’d have too much ‘competition’. :-o)
    Over a few weeks I took boxes to church and allowed friends to help themselves, and the remainder went to the Salvation Army – which, funny enough is near the library, but at least they would get some cash for them . . .recorded each book so as not to buy it again! .

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  6. I love anything that has to do with books, especially bookshops. The smell of books, the ambience of them is intoxicating, Your photos of booknooks is wonderful – are any of then yours? If I had the room, and if my wife would let me, it is what I would like to have. A very good friend of mine in Albuquerque, N.M. just finished putting Bookshelves in his livingroom and I am extremely jealous! Oh well, what can one do? Charles

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  7. Oh, I’d love to have any one of those book nooks, they’re all so wonderful. Unfortunately, we can’t access the attic (or it would be mine), so my book nook is my bedroom. I also don’t have many books, Only around 40 or so. Therefore, they’re all sitting in a cabinet with my 53 bookmarks, where I take them all out from time to time and read them….

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      • They are, but I don’t have much space to put them, which is why you can see them everywhere: on my table, next to my bed, on my bed, in my library bag (where they’re not supposed to be XD), in my book cabinet, etc. a book nook would be fantastic if I could get one!

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      • I use walls unconventionally, I also love hidden door bookshelves (don’t have one, yet ;).) Also using floating shelves and any little corners (I think books are better than walls :D.) A wall of books can actually be quite beautiful if done right.


  8. It is so pretty and really looks like a heaven to me. It’s definitely my dream to have a reading nook at my house. Thank You for sharing such an amazing picture set.

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  9. I can’t get enough of these book nooks…I’m not even the slightest bit ashamed that I want ALL OF THEM!!! P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It means a lot, especially considering that I’m still only a sophomore in high school!!
    -Shouryaman Saha

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