Funky Shelves Lookbook

I love displaying books in fun and unique ways. I also really enjoy seeing how other people find new and interesting ways to shelve their books. ūüôā So like a good bibliophile I compiled a drool worthy list.

So here is a series of fun and funky bookshelves:

1.vintage crate shelvesI love the rustic vibe and functionality of this clever creation

pac-manHow awesome is this one! Maybe it’s just the nerd in me…

6684724Ok… This is SUCH a crazy fun idea. Mine might look a little different, but I LOVE the concept.

batman-bookshelfAnother one that’s reveals a slight nerdy side, but it’s just so great.

e4e926e0c7f710e3304f466036ddcf1dI know it seems a bit simple for this post, but I am really drawn to it. I love the funkiness, and that it is on wheels!!!

70856a9ac40011d0b0a387b6aaa44f37This one is SO pretty and unique. I just love the creativeness!

Bookshelves-14This one is a bit simple, but I love it. I love the tree paired with the super dark background, next to subway tiles. It a very bluesy chill style, dig it!

1dc54b46138bd8591a6a29e3fa45b93bI’m sure this one has been seen many time before, but I love it non-the-less. So fun and clever, and it looks so great.

I hope you enjoyed that little lookbook of funky bookshelves. 

Which one is your favorite?



Book Door Lookbook

There are so many creative way to display books, but of all of them hidden bookshelf doors are my favorite! I have a small home so I can really appreciate any idea that saves space, and adds a little quirky
fun design to a house.

Here are some great book doors. This first one gives me all kinds of ideas.

book-case-door-after-iiI think this is such a great idea, what an awesome way to utilize all the space in your home. If it was me, inside that door would be a cozy little book nook¬†getaway!chestnut-hill-02I am such a fan of the sliding hidden shelves! Not only does it save space but it is also¬†a bit of fun I think.¬†double-bookcase-door-600This one may be my favorite (design wise,) but I’m not sure, they are all so lovely. I think this one is a bit more obvious then the others though…
I love the color and molding.ea21831e099dd78b_5314-w500-h666-b0-p0--traditional-hallI love that there are even more books going up the stairs on the walls behind the secret shelf. This is clearly a bibliophile who has found a solution to Tsundoku.
hidden-secret-door-bookcase-ideas-pictureI think the modern sleekness of this shelf is so beautiful. The clean lines and
gorgeous wood is amazing.
ContentImage-3239-136961-hiddendoor1smallAnd then we have it’s opposite, I also love this rustic oddball. The wood is so pretty, and I dig the funky old world feel.

Do any of you have a hidden bookshelf door or something similar?

Just saw this kit of!!!

Book Nook Lookbook

books-are-beautiful - Edited.jpgI love cozy little book nooks I think they are the bees knees! Having a place set apart where you can curl up with your book just enhances each experience. They vary in sizes and styles, but they are a book lovers little piece of heaven.

Here is my book nook lookbook:
I love this little lofted book nook. It is full of cozy charm. It has a place to lounge, a rolling ladder, and an inviting color scheme.
This book nook is great it’s on the modern side but still oh so cozy. I love the couch with double chaises. This design is sleek while keeping it warm and comfortable, and I love that!
I am beside myself over¬†this idea! It is a closet turned in to a book nook… Yes please! So awesome!
images (1)
This is a little rustic book nook. I love the ambiance of this nook and imagine it smelling wonderfully of wood and books. I’d curl up here any day.
I love the simple comfortable vibe of this book nook. The white with pops of color make it fun and versatile.
I adore the idea of creating book nooks for children. Lets teach them early the importance of a serenity space for relaxing to read.

Book nooks are a great way to encourage reading and promote relaxation. They become a place you can really take time to unwind, that way  you can really  sink in and
enjoy your book.

Which is your favorite book nook?