New Years Fairy Tale

Here is a great story to read on New years Eve. It is a bit sad but different perspectives may alter the view on that. It is however a great little tale, even if a little grim.

The Little Match Girl
Hans Christian Anderson
The luminous art of three-time Caldecott Honor recipient Jerry Pinkney transforms the nineteenth-century Danish girl of Andersen’s tale into a child plucked straight from America’s melting pot, shedding new light on the invisibility of the poor among the prosperous-a circumstance as familiar in Andersen’s day as it is in our own.

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6 thoughts on “New Years Fairy Tale

  1. I remember a teacher reading this out loud to us in first or second grade. I don’t remember what version it was as it was one story in a huge fairy tale book that she read from. I do remember that this story was the first one I remember that made me emotional!

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  2. I remember this story from my childhood. Hans Christian Anderson’s stories still resonate today. I had the opporuntiy to find out about the write​r, when I visited Odense in Denmark where he was born. I had no comprehesion of the challenges he faced in his own life.

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