I Read Because…

I read to gain knowledge, to mentally observe more about the human condition, and to stretch and exercise my imagination. Reading is a way to experience that which is not within my reach. Reading is my escape, adventure, and peace.
Why do you read? Please share.


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57 thoughts on “I Read Because…

  1. The greatest thoughts, stories and ideas of mankind are at our finger-tips. I read because it transport me to anywhere in the universe and imagination. There are no limits. I read because it is enthralling, absorbing and fulfilling. I read because it stimulates my mind and makes me gasp. I read because I love meeting other people’s worlds and finding out what makes me and everyone else tick!

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  2. I write because I can explore the universe within and without, express my feelings, communicate, tell my stories, put forward my wisdom and change the world. I write because I believe I can make things better!

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  3. Hello Miss,
    I read simply because I’m transported, enlightened and educated. Reading another’s words delivers all the pleasures of discussing life with an awe-inspiring, intelligent, articulate and opinionated close friend. Have a nice weekend, you’ve posed such a lovely question.

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  4. Why do I read? For pleasure and information. My leisure-reading is primarily for entertainment, relaxation, and escapism. I also read to gather information; to research; or to answer a question. Reading is an educator, furthers our knowledge of the world, and the information gained can lead us to go as far as possible in life.

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  5. I love to read books because I can flee from that life that is sometimes so complicated and when everything goes wrong. I love to be in other worlds where there is so much different from ours. Or maybe where it’s our world but special things happen. In the books you’re free and there are no limits for your imagination. I love to read because I can sometimes identify myself with the characters in the book. They give me hope and even more confidence ( I’m not very confident though). And they give me the love stories that I cannot wait for. Bye

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  6. Your reasons for reading mirror my own, I tend to read travel books because I am too poor to go to far off places, I do like as you do to learn and understand and to grow myself and my imagination. I also like a tangible connection which I don’t necessarily get with other forms of entertainment, namely the holding of a piece of an authors mind in my hand, smelling that new smell or old musty scent of older books; I love the covers, the conversations it generates, how each book changes my perspective so when reading the same books as thousands of other people my perspective like theirs is unique and will change with each rereading. Most of all since starting a blog, I read for the wonderful connections I make.

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    • This is such a wonderful perspective. I can’t travel either due to circumstances. Which is another reason I love the adventures I can read about ๐Ÿ™‚ Connecting with other people is such a big reason I read as well! I’m glad for your answer, thank you.

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  7. I read to escape my reality (a tiny bit), I read because I can be in other places mentally and ‘the trip’ is so worth it :), I read because to me it’s amazing how far an authors imagination goes, I read because I really like to feel things that I would probably never experience if it wasn’t for books…

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  8. I read because I see it as a way of learning about the world around me, even if it is a piece about life in another reality. Books, regardless of genre, are a great way to teach us about ourselves and the way we can live together in this crazy world.

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  10. To lose myself in another mind, another perspective, a tale, a story, an experience; to feel what others feel, see and hear through another senses; to know the best that has come out of the greatest minds that ever lived; to visit other worlds, dimensions and lives; to make my own life more colourful. I read to live. I read to sate my life and saturate it with images. What a shallow world if you don’t read.

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  11. I read to learn how to become better, happier, and healthier and then write my own books to help others become better, happier, and healthier. I enjoy a good young adult fiction book as well. I love to read.

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  12. I read because it is like breathing to me, Without books my life would be empty, To paraphrase Socrates “am unread life is not worth living.” Charles

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