Top 5 Fiction Favorites

I love so many books that it is hard to narrow them to a list of just 5 favorites.
So, I decided I would choose based on the  following code:
Books I find myself reading again and again, great story telling, quality literature, and emotional connection.

So without further adieu, my top 5 fiction favorites (as I see it today.)

(Click  pictures or titles for more info.)
“The Gargoyle” Andrew Davidson
This book I hold in such high regard purely by my own taste, and based on how the book spoke to me individually. It is a beautiful and haunting story yet it holds an ethereal quality. I’m sure the skill of writing and story telling could be debatable among people. However, when it comes to top books and/or favorites it is what resonates with our soul that sets a book apart.
The Gargoyle Rated: 4.3 on
Book Bean: I’d say this book is best read curled up with a velvety drink. e.g. A dark roast latte or cherry cocoa!

“The Chronicles of Narnia” C.S. Lewis
It is such an incredibly well written story. It is clever, amusing, and wonderfully ageless. This series leaves nothing to be desired. C.S. Lewis is brilliant. He makes you feel like you are reading the story of an old beloved friend. It is a witty and imaginative classic that I will love and share forever.
The Chronicles of Narnia Rated: 4.7 on
Book Bean: Tea time for sure! These books scream window seat with a cup of chamomile.

“The Hobbit”
  J.R.R. Tolkien

This is also an extremely well written story. I don’t think Tolkien was quite as clever or ageless with it, but he has his own brilliance in creative story telling. The amount of depth and detail Tolkien pours into his characters and story is stunning. It is truly an epic tale that envelopes you and holds you tightly through the journey.
The Hobbit Rated: 4.7 on
Book Bean: This handsome book pairs nicely with a citrusy blend, maybe an orange spiced mocha mmm….

Even if you did not like either of the last two books, no one could deny their quality and that’s saying something!

“Pride and Prejudice”
Jane Austin
It is written with such a timeless essence. It is elegant and fresh, and it has roots that will never go out of style. I don’t have many words for it because it is such a simplistic book, it’s story is not complicated or intricate, and it is wonderful.
Pride and Prejudice Rated: 4.6 on
Book Bean: Tea again, this time green tea or a chai latte.



Last but not least and for a different spin is

love youforever2“Love You Forever” Robert N. Munsch.
This children’s book is beautiful and warm and leaves you floating. I don’t know what else to say about it specifically other than “read it and see.” When you finish this book you’ll squeeze it to your chest with glistening eyes.
Love You Forever Rated: 4.5 on
Book Bean: This lovely gem goes well with a simple brewed house coffee.
So there they are, you can probably tell I like a good saga. I’ll have to do a top ten because it was really hard to not mention more!

Fun Facts: According to Vladimir Nabokov, Shakespeare’s The Tempest was science fiction.

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I would like to get this one myself 🙂

133 thoughts on “Top 5 Fiction Favorites

  1. I’m yet to read all the Narnia books. Hopefully 2016 is the year I’ll do it. I think my fave fiction books are Dan Brown’s books and The Tomorrow When the War Began series by John Marsden.

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    • I really hope you get the opportunity to finish the series, they are fantastic. Which ones have you read so far? Have you read any of C.S. Lewis’ other work? The Tomorrow When the War Began series looks really good, I think I have a new project. Thank you!


      • I’m not sure if I’ve read any all the way through, actually. Some people find the Tomorrow series scary, but I loved it. Hope you like it!

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  2. Excellent post and informative.You have a beautiful life style.Loving books and nature are the essence of successful living,” a book is like a chariot can take you anywhere you want.”Thank you for following my blog.Best wishes.Jaal

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  3. Choosing a top anything of fiction is hard. Also it can change as you live out life. But your selections were great.

    I was surprised that I’d read (and enjoyed) most of the books on your list. I’ve never read Gargoyle though. And thanks for liking my post “The Book of Flying | The Dream Seller.”

    Also, loved the drink recommendations.

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  4. I loved Narnia as a kid, and my books from childhood to my own kids. The only other one on your list I’ve (attempted) to read was The Hobbit. I struggled with the imaginary world. But I read all the books of Game of Thrones in the last year, so maybe I should try again!

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  6. Thanks for sharing your favorites with the above suggested books, reviews, etc. I have read The Nightingale, and it is an awesome book. I enjoyed it very much and love the Narnia series and books by Tolkien, and have the Pride and Prejudice also which I have not yet finished reading. Thank you, too for recently visiting and following my blog site. Hope you find some other good posts, fiction or poetry that you enjoy too, on my site.

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  7. Hello Abbielu; first,may I thank you for visiting and electing to follow my blog: I shall endeavor not to disappoint! I share your love of Jane Austen – her books are so expressive of the concerns and manners of her age. I have read neither C.S. Lewis nor Tolkein, and truthfully get time to read very little these days, but I have a profound respect for Dickens, and count Lawrence, Rushdie and Vikram Seth as favorite bedside friends. I must read ‘Nania’ – I’ve been meaning to do so for years.

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  8. I think my favorite on this list is “Pride and Prejudice.” And now I am going to have to write about a few of my favorite books. Thanks for the idea for a blog post. 🙂 Actually, it will probably be a few posts. I will have to make a list about my favorite classics, my favorite young adults novels, and my favorite picture books.
    Also, thanks for following my blog.

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  9. Love the Narnia books. And Jane Austen, she’s my top gal (truly, well, except for Emily Dickinson, but that’s poetry and another genre altogether). Great list. P.S. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. P.S.S. Great to meet you.

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    • If you do, tell me what you think. I’m going to be starting a “The Gargoyle” discussion. So many people hadn’t read it that are now considering it, we need a place to discuss it 🙂


  10. Hi Abbielu, I am glad that you enjoyed my blog entry A Blustery Day. I find myself not blogging as often as I should, but life seems to have this habit of getting in the way! The books that you listed are among my favourites as well — I have lost count of how many times I have read The Hobbit and same could be said of the Lord of the Rings. The same is also true for the Chronicles of Narnia – in fact I only discovered them when I was an adult, but I still love them! Thanks again for looking at my blog. Charles Quail

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  11. Thanks for the like! Your top five are interesting…haven’t read a couple of them. I’d be hard pushed to pick out five…but Ulysses would be among ’em, and The Shooting Party (by Isabel Colegate)..and I’d probably choose to go for a top 100 short stories….

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  12. | haave a suggested book to add to your wish list. This is a children’s story that although my daughters are adults, we still read it as a family every Christmas Eve, The book is titled “The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski (illustrated by P.J. Lynch). It is a delightful book about a woodcarver discovers joy at Christmas.

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  13. I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and I have Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility on my (ever-growing) to-read list. I remember reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in high school but I don’t remember any details anymore. I only remember that I liked it so much that I finished half the book in one go. I’m looking forward to reading the entire Narnia series, I’m just looking for nice hardcover copies for my collection.

    As for my personal favorites, I can only think of two that really stand out: Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. 😀

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      • So many lessons from the Count. My favorite quote: “There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.”

        I’m getting excited about Narnia all over again thanks to your post. I’ve always been a sucker for fantasy/adventure stories and having read part of the series during my childhood makes it somewhat special. I think I’ll go book hunting soon. 🙂

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  14. The Hobbit is a classic and very much valued among my classmates and I. For example, my friends practically worship the Hobbit! I have also enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia, although I have not read them all, and I am still trying to find The Horse and His Boy. I have not heard of the other books before, but I will certainly check them out. Thanks! 😀

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    Is there anyone else getting identical RSS problems?
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  16. I am a huge fan not only of CS Lewis’ Narnian books but his whole body of work ( it takes up one shelf on my book case) my mother was the one who first read me the books back when I was a kid and I loved them ever since.
    I read the Hobbit many times in my school years, but it was Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings that really hooked me in in terms of his mythmaking scope. Actually, despite my mom urging me to check it out I didn’t take the initiative to read it until the first film adaptation was coming out. After I read the book I loved it so much I took her copies of The Hobbit and LOTR hostage until she gave me my own set for Christmas.Now, Tolkien’s books take up a second shelf on my book case, as I await this years latest posthumous release: Tolkien’s translation of Finnish poetry.

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