Café au thor


IMG_20151119_170747 (1)I love to read, write, and drink coffee. They are the bread and butter for my soul. I really enjoy discussing books, poetry, and the like. Another huge passion of mine is dancing, and for fun I am an avid volleyball player. I live in the NW and I am a hybrid city/country lover. I enjoy spending time hiking through nature and riding horses at the family farm. But I also equally enjoy strolling the waterfront with a latte, gazing the city lights, and/or sipping on a delicious Café con leche at my favorite Cuban eatery.

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260 thoughts on “Café au thor

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  6. Hi, Abby!
    I didn’t see an email form so I decided to comment here.

    I’ve got two novellas coming in April and I am thinking of doing an unofficial blog tour. I wanted to see if you might be interested in advance access to one or both of them to share your thoughts near publication time, or immediately after. I already have three novels published in the Earthen Witch universe, and these are standalones in that world.

    Have a look at the My Books link on my blog menu to check out the novels and let me know what you think. These novellas are also adult urban fantasy romance, so be aware of that. Feel free to send an email via the form on my about page. Thanks!

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  7. Hi Abbie, I am a Tolkien fan too, and live in NZ where the movies were produced. I also do the town\country thing, although Auckland, our biggest city 45 minutes south holds no appeal for me. I love reading but have to make time for it. I’ve written my first book which I’m seeking book reviews for and have plans for a second this year. I like your blog and can see I’ll get some good reading suggestions. God bless, Jo

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  9. Hi Abbie Lu,
    Thanks for “Liking” my post on my blog, the best part is my now checking out your blog; love the concept and can’t wait to see what you are reading. I recently moved to Fort Myers Beach, Florida which has a good library and a fabulous coffee shop with a fantastic view of the water, great place to read and reflect.

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  11. Abbie, thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I hope you may find my posts inspiring and amusing. As I have now discovered your blog… I find myself looking forward to the enjoyment of a nourishing new book and a refreshing coffee brew. Have a good day!
    ~ Eric

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  15. I’m two for three (not a coffee fan here) but am loving your blog. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasms! Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing more books…

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    • Oh thank you! I love tea as well, and often like to concoct things that are both tea and coffee free. It’s nice to have variety in life (at least I think so.) I appreciate your kind words, have a lovely day. 🙂


  16. I love your blog, especially when the first article I read was about pirate books. I also see you like Arsenic and Old Lace…one of my favorite movies. If you are interested in reviewing one of my books (middle grade pirate series, YA/safe for MG zombie series or YA paranormal/horror), I can get one to you. Looking forward to more of your blogs!

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  17. Thank you for the story like. Swing by, take a tour. It’s a bit dark and light and weird all over. Coffee is a fuel for me, although with what I wrote a few posts ago you might not like my preference of standard black, speaking of dark posts. I like your segments-the thoughts and reviews on books. I’m sure you’ll get through war∧peace. It’s not that long, we all got through The Stand in high School right?

    Thanks again.

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