Weekly Round-up

I’ve done a lot of reading this week, so I’d like to end the week by sharing what’s been on my plate. I’ve read 2 very different classics, and just started a fairy 😉 intriguing new book.

Here’s what I’ve been sipping on:

The Secret Garden
by Frances Hodgson Burnett
I began the week finishing up this good-ole classic favorite. It’s a lovely book that has been a perfect springtime read.

An endearing and mysterious tale about an orphan girl sent to a Yorkshire mansion at the edge of a eerie lonely moor. She is frightened of the vast strange place until she meets a local boy, Dickon, who’s earned the trust of the moor’s wild animals, the invalid Colin; an unhappy boy terrified of life, and of course the secret abandoned garden…

Rated 4.6 on amazon.com

Book Bean:
Lavender Dream Latte
Sweet Cream heated/steamed poured over lavender tea with a dollop of white chocolate, finish with lavender sprinkles. 


2001: a Space Odyssey
by Arthur C. Clarke
One of Science Fiction’s most well known classics, I really enjoyed this book. I wasn’t sure I would but he kept me turnin pages.

When an enigmatic monolith is found buried on the moon, scientists are amazed to discover that it’s at least 3 million years old. Even more amazing, after it’s unearthed the artifact releases a powerful signal aimed at Saturn. What sort of alarm has been triggered? To find out, a manned spacecraft, the Discovery, is sent to investigate.

Rated 4.6 on amazon.com

fullsizerenderBook Bean: Golden Ring Latte
Start with a little coconut cream in a glass,
swirl the glass with rings of honey, add Espresso,
add steamed or frothed Golden Milk (milk with turmeric see recipe, can also be made with dairy milk) lightly drizzle top with honey.

What I just started:

Gossip From The Forest
by Sara Maitland
I was just given this book as a gift, and how fortunate I am. I had never heard of it, but it already has me enchanted. It looks to be another perfect springtime read and I can’t wait to get into the magic this weekend!

How about you, what have you been sipping on?


34 thoughts on “Weekly Round-up

  1. I’m currently reading Chasing Shadows, which is really good, but I’ve been pretty busy with school, so it’s taking me a while to finish 😦 Hopefully I can finish it soon!

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  2. This is great! The Secret Garden is on my to-read list. I’ve heard of 2001 Space Odyssey but never thought it would sound interesting to read…but your description makes me want to go read it now. And…oh my goodness…your drink recipe ideas! Definitely going to have to try them. Thanks for this post!

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  3. Whip a little hot milk and brown sugar with an immersion blender until you have froth. I spoon it over my favorite coffee of tea.
    Thanks for the tip on Gossip from the Forest – sounds like my summer read!

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  4. I would love to read 2001: Space Odyssey. From what I recall, the movie was crazy! I’m currently inching through Bram Stoker’s Dracula – definitely an interesting read after having seen three film versions of the book.

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