Wake-Up Wednesday: PB&Joe

What could be a better pick-me-up than a drink twist reminiscent of a favorite childhood snack!

IMG_6276Book Bean: PB & Joe
This can be made with Brewed Coffee or Espresso as a base. Start with 1 scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream in a blender, add 2Tsp-1Tbsp of creamy peanut butter (to taste) last add very hot coffee or espresso, blend well until smooth. Pour into 1 large mug or 2 small mugs to share. Add steamed/frothed milk or hot cream to taste. Sprinkle with cocoa powder. (To make this drink cold just add PB to coffee and let cool before adding to blender, then use cold milk or cream.)

The perfect Book to pair with this bold and snacky drink, is something short and sweet/savory! 

My pick: “The Phantom Tollbooth” By Norton Juster 
Illustrated by Jules Feiffer

A book that speaks universally to both children and adults. A story that like the old PB&J is a classic, full of both warmth and goodness.

Go on an adventure with Milo, as he discovers The Island of Conclusions (you get there by jumping) and rescues Rhyme and Reason. You will discover like Milo does, that life is far from dull, but more interesting and exciting than you’ve ever imagined.
Rated 4.8 on amazon.com

A wee sample to wet your appetite:

You know you're in good hands when, in the midst of some 
nutty, didactic dialogue, the author disarms you.

"I guess I just wasn't thinking," said Milo.
"PRECISELY," shouted the dog as his alarm went off 
again. "Now you know what you mus do."
"I'm afraid I don't," admitted Milo, feeling quite stupid.
"Well," continued the watchdog impatiently, "since you 
got here by not thinking, it seems reasonable to expect that 
in order to get out, you must start thinking." And with that he 
hopped into the car.

So Many Books So Little Time

I have so many books that I am waiting to read I can’t even count them. I have found so many treasures here and there from various book nooks. I cannot leave a book shop without buying a book. Friends and Family knowing my love for books are constantly making new suggestions. I also have my good book radar continuously on; I am always on the lookout for highly rated/reviewed books.

So here are the next 5 books in my queue, a stack waiting patiently to be read; feeling rather neglected, but in good company.

The Hiding Place – This is a non-fiction book by Corrie ten Boom taking place during the holocaust. Side note, I have a bit of an obsession/fixation on reading holocaust books (and watching documentaries.) This book is rated very well and comes highly recommended.
The Hiding Place Rated 4.9 on amazon.com.
Pretty good odds I’ll love this book.



Book Bean: For my hot beverage of  choice I think I will skip the usual cafe con leche and replace it with a big mug of steamy broth. Don’t ask me why, it just feels right.

The Kite Runner
– This book is a fictional work by Khaled Hosseini and is a bestseller internationally. This book follows Amir and his interaction with his childhood friend Hassan. Betrayal, Taliban, and Legacy, these are some key words that jump out at me when hearing about the book. It has also been made into a major motion picture.
The Kite Runner Rated 4.6 on amazon.com


Book Beans:
I will pair this book with a dark smooth cappuccino, mmm pinkies up.

No Man is an Island – This is one of Thomas Merton’s most popular books. It is a meditative and spiritual non-fiction book. I am a bit of a sucker for self-help and motivational inspired reads. I am looking forward to reading this compilation of 16 thought-provoking essays.
No Man Is an Island Rated 4.7 on amazon.com.



Book Bean:
I’ll be feeling very philosophical and important while reading this book. So I think hot mulled cider will do the trick.

The Phantom Tollbooth – Well this is actually a children’s novel by Norton Juster, but there are plenty of “children’s” books that I love e.g. Chronicles of Narnia.
It is a quaint little fairytale-like story that is right up my alley.
The Phantom Tollbooth Rated 4.2 4.7 on amazon.com



Book Bean:
I think I’ll grab my blankie and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa thank you very much.

North and South 
– A Victorian era novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. This is the novel she is most well-known for but she also wrote Wives and Daughters and Cranford. All three were adapted into TV series, so that says something about the quality of her stories. I for one am over the moon for books of this nature (and their TV and Movie counterparts,) and between Gaskell, Austin, and Bronte I more than get my fix.
North and South Rated 4.4 on amazon.com.

Book Bean: I plan on making up a good pot of tea to enjoy while reading North and South. I’m sophisticated like that 😉

Click on any of the pictures of titles for more information.
If you have read any of these books, give me your thoughts! No spoilers please!

Fun Fact: To read every single book currently cataloged, it would take 60,000 years!

What other books should I add to my ever-growing mountain of books?

I love my Genio Coffeemaker Seriously, it makes really great coffee and espresso! Plus, it’s oh so convenient 🙂