Great Coffee Table Books

I love coffee table books. I love the opportunity to skim through something interesting and beautiful. You get to learn something in a short period of time, while being visually charmed.

Here are a few of my favorite coffee table books.
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Art: Over 2500 Works From Cave to Contemporary
This book is so incredible, it is filled with so many masterpieces. I love that I can sit and enjoy incredible art work in a wide array of styles and eras in such a small package. As a bonus the cover photo is by Gustav Klimt, my favorite artist.


National Geographic:
Stunning Photographs
Destinations of a Lifetime
Both of these books are fantastic. Stunning Photography speaks for itself, it is stunning.
I love the variety and depth each photo brings. Destinations of a Lifetime is such a great book for me because I love to travel, but cannot at this stage in my life. So, it is a great book to have around to connect you with the other worlds around us.

Humans of New York
This is such a great and interesting book. It is full of character, charm, and craziness. I love learning a little bit more about all of us humans and our many many differences. This book really captures the culture of New York.


Henna Sourcebook: Over 1,000 Traditional Designs
and Modern Interpretations

This book is exquisite. The designs are so intricate and I love the deep rich colors and texture. Henna is so pretty and I love that this book brings together a variety of traditional and modern craft. Very visually pleasing and informative as well.
The World Atlas of Coffee &
The Art and Craft of Coffee
I couldn’t do a coffee table bit without including these two.
They are both awesome and packed full with tons of information. I really enjoyed all the great pictures as well. World Atlas focuses more on the many different cultures of coffee. Art and Craft has a bit more of a contemporary modern coffee house vibe.
Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry
This is one of my all time personal favorites. This book is so beautiful and inspiring. It shares with us the story and works of Akiane. Akiane is a child art protege, with an amazing gift and insight. Seeing all her amazing art work and reading her poetry is truly enchanting.

Now these are just a few great books I like, but the number  goes far and wide. What books you show off may differ greatly and that is wonderful. The great thing about coffee table books is that they mirror our personal interests and style. They are an opportunity to show what intrigues and delights us.

For Any Coffee Table Choice
Mexican-Spiced-Mocha-0108Book Bean: Spiced Mocha to warm up with
Home brewed coffee of choice, drizzle in chocolate, add cream,
then sprinkle with clove & cinnamon powder. If you are brave substitute
clove with an itty bitty dash of Cayenne powder.
Fun Fact: The best selling coffee table book of all time is Madonna’s “Sex,” but it is out of print.

New interests, seasons, and hobbies can all bring out a variety of table toppers. At the moment I have Domino: The Book of Decorating and  Anna Maria’s Needlework Notebook, because right now I am really into home design and needle and stitch work. Both books are beautiful and informative. I love to change it up!

So, share with me. What’s on your table?




Great Magazines

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking to myself “I wish I had a good magazine.” There are a lot of junk magazines out there and some that are so-so, but there are only a few that I would deem great magazines.

Here are the magazine that meet the mark for me.

downloadNational Geographic – I have always treasured this magazine. As a kid I used to dream about being an archaeologist, and I would drool over it’s pages. This is a beautiful magazine. The pictures are always stunning, and there are always good reads.
National Geographic
ThisOldHouse-CoverThis Old House – I had to pick one from the home decor genre because I always have to have one around. I love home decorating and organizing tips, pictures, and articles. There are others that I like as well: Elle Decor, Country Living, Coastal Living, and sometimes BHG. However, I just like This Old House the best, it is the most well-rounded and best quality, in my opinion.
tumblr_nvldciR0v31tkew4no1_500Highlights – I know I know, it’s a kids magazine, but I had to add it just for fun. I loved this magazine growing up, and to this day if I see it in a waiting room you better believe I’m picking that bad boy up and doing the search and find.
imagesReaders Digest – This is an amazing literary magazine. There are always great stories and articles. I used to read my grandmothers and I never stopped, that’s gotta mean something.
Reader’s Digest
download (1)Sunset – A great all around magazine. It’s got a little bit of everything, home, garden, living, etc. The quality and content are great, and I’m from the west so…

Book Beans: These are all great with regular morning coffee and/or afternoon tea (I like mine green.)

These are all biased to my own preferences of course. There are many fantastic genre specific magazines. I also have not read every magazine, so please share if you know a really good one.

Typically what constitutes a great magazine for me is:
 – Not super full of ads. Some magazines have so many ads that you can’t tell between them and the content of the magazine.
 – Great photography and good structure. I like a magazine that is aesthetically pleasing and well organized 🙂
 – Last but not lease there needs to be tangible well written content. I like reading about things that I can relate to and/or that I can apply to my life and various situations.

Fun Fact: The day before Thanksgiving is the highest date for magazine sales, but November is the slowest month for magazine sales…

OH and magazines are like books for me, I like the smell!

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