Great Magazines

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking to myself “I wish I had a good magazine.” There are a lot of junk magazines out there and some that are so-so, but there are only a few that I would deem great magazines.

Here are the magazine that meet the mark for me.

downloadNational Geographic – I have always treasured this magazine. As a kid I used to dream about being an archaeologist, and I would drool over it’s pages. This is a beautiful magazine. The pictures are always stunning, and there are always good reads.
National Geographic
ThisOldHouse-CoverThis Old House – I had to pick one from the home decor genre because I always have to have one around. I love home decorating and organizing tips, pictures, and articles. There are others that I like as well: Elle Decor, Country Living, Coastal Living, and sometimes BHG. However, I just like This Old House the best, it is the most well-rounded and best quality, in my opinion.
tumblr_nvldciR0v31tkew4no1_500Highlights – I know I know, it’s a kids magazine, but I had to add it just for fun. I loved this magazine growing up, and to this day if I see it in a waiting room you better believe I’m picking that bad boy up and doing the search and find.
imagesReaders Digest – This is an amazing literary magazine. There are always great stories and articles. I used to read my grandmothers and I never stopped, that’s gotta mean something.
Reader’s Digest
download (1)Sunset – A great all around magazine. It’s got a little bit of everything, home, garden, living, etc. The quality and content are great, and I’m from the west so…

Book Beans: These are all great with regular morning coffee and/or afternoon tea (I like mine green.)

These are all biased to my own preferences of course. There are many fantastic genre specific magazines. I also have not read every magazine, so please share if you know a really good one.

Typically what constitutes a great magazine for me is:
 – Not super full of ads. Some magazines have so many ads that you can’t tell between them and the content of the magazine.
 – Great photography and good structure. I like a magazine that is aesthetically pleasing and well organized 🙂
 – Last but not lease there needs to be tangible well written content. I like reading about things that I can relate to and/or that I can apply to my life and various situations.

Fun Fact: The day before Thanksgiving is the highest date for magazine sales, but November is the slowest month for magazine sales…

OH and magazines are like books for me, I like the smell!

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