Clever Cubbies Lookbook

I love all things book related, and I especially love clever fun ways to display and enjoy said books. So, I have compiled a fun assortment of amazing little cubby reading/book storage spaces.

Please enjoy this Lookbook of Clever Cubbies:

unique-bookshelvesI love the style of and functionality of this, so cool! I think I would get a little matching ottoman (which could also have books too, and store a blanket ūüôā .)

house-shaped-bookcaseHow adorable and fun is this little bookhouse! I love that there is a little place to put your book and read! It just need a quaint little stool.

imagesI’m over the moon for this one, I think the design is beautiful, and I just want to grab a book and curl up in it right now!

whaleAnother fun one, it’s just so cute! Also, it has wheels so very functional while being just a joy to look at.

nar-bookcaseIt’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it is clever, and I feel like with a little tweakng and/or the right placement, it would be great!

Chairs-bookcase-for-readersThis one doesn’t look too comfortable, but you never know! I just love that its a little burst of books!

fa88921fec0cbdac5091397c0ae7e75eSuch a cozy clever little chair. This would be great in a kids room or in any book nook. The space saving always appeals to me.

4836d66d87d37f7648df3f68ce051158This one is just¬†SO pretty! I would just throw in a couple of pillows and a blanket and lounge. Oooh maybe dangle a tiny little light from the top. ūüėÄ

Did you love any of these?
Which is your favorite?


Book Door Lookbook

There are so many creative way to display books, but of all of them hidden bookshelf doors are my favorite! I have a small home so I can really appreciate any idea that saves space, and adds a little quirky
fun design to a house.

Here are some great book doors. This first one gives me all kinds of ideas.

book-case-door-after-iiI think this is such a great idea, what an awesome way to utilize all the space in your home. If it was me, inside that door would be a cozy little book nook¬†getaway!chestnut-hill-02I am such a fan of the sliding hidden shelves! Not only does it save space but it is also¬†a bit of fun I think.¬†double-bookcase-door-600This one may be my favorite (design wise,) but I’m not sure, they are all so lovely. I think this one is a bit more obvious then the others though…
I love the color and molding.ea21831e099dd78b_5314-w500-h666-b0-p0--traditional-hallI love that there are even more books going up the stairs on the walls behind the secret shelf. This is clearly a bibliophile who has found a solution to Tsundoku.
hidden-secret-door-bookcase-ideas-pictureI think the modern sleekness of this shelf is so beautiful. The clean lines and
gorgeous wood is amazing.
ContentImage-3239-136961-hiddendoor1smallAnd then we have it’s opposite, I also love this rustic oddball. The wood is so pretty, and I dig the funky old world feel.

Do any of you have a hidden bookshelf door or something similar?

Just saw this kit of!!!