Why I Love Coffee

Why do I love coffee..? Let me count the ways.
The taste of coffee is comforting and grounding.
When I drink coffee I feel a nostalgia that is hard to explain; a warmth.
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The aroma, the taste, the buzz, the culture, and the connections, all are worthy reasons.
In the morning coffee lifts me up and boosts my day.

I love the culture and variety of coffee:

I enjoy learning about the different countries that grow coffee.

I’m intrigued by different roasting and brewing techniques. I love the roasted nutty smell and taste of good coffee beans. Experimenting with coffee flavors and styles can be a lot of fun.

cupsI am fascinated with all the wonderful different ways to enjoy the incredible edible coffee bean.

Coffee is soothing on a rainy day, and melts away the brittle snow or ice of winter. When a day is full of hustle and bustle, taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee calms me.



Drinking coffee also induces community. People like to drink coffee together. It makes talking easier and more comforting. It may be tea or some other beverage, but the concept of sitting around in comfy couches or chairs drinking something steamy and talking, is oh so inviting.

I suppose many people just drink coffee because it is caffeinated and a good energy boost, and that is certainly a good reason.

However, to me, coffee is an experience; something to slow down for, to savor and enjoy.

Of course what better experience to share coffee with, then curled up with a great book!
Good-Morning.jpg What do you enjoy most about coffee? 

60 thoughts on “Why I Love Coffee

  1. Yes, a wonderful post. Coffee just seems to be part of the human spirit. If you notice, 9 out of 10 times when you meet someone, and they don’t drink coffee at all, there are odd quirks about them. Most of the time they seem to not want to grow up fully and “adult’ with everyone else. That is just my observation. It’s like, if they partake of that traditional beverage, then they have become suddenly older, and must act more mature. I love coffee in the Winter especially.

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  2. Yes, everything you just said – yes! When I was a kid I used to make coffee for my parents. They never asked me to. I just loved the smell of it SO much that I begged to make it. Now I can’t make it through a day without it. Not just because of caffeine, but the taste. If this was the only thing to drink EVER….. I would be just fine with that!

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  4. So I’m reading this lovely ode to my favorite beverage, and I swear I can smell coffee! LOL!😁 Seriously though, I agree with everything you’ve said Abbie. My husband makes fun of the look of sheer bliss that’s on my face every morning as I take my first sip. Normally flavored coffees (hot and cold) are my thing, but I’ve recently discovered cold-brewed coffee and oh my God! Mana from Heaven!😊

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  5. Until recently coffee was not a part of my life. Now it is, but just for the reason that you observed that many people have for drinking it, “because it is caffeinated and a good energy boost.” However I appreciate your love for it and hope that you continue to enjoy it as much as you do now.

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  7. For me it’s the warmth coupled with the richness. Coffee can make my anxiety a lot worse so I tried to make the move to tea but it just didn’t do it for me. I’ve managed to just reduce the amount of coffee I drink (the horror!) so that I don’t have to give it up completely. It’s such a comforting thing – why must it also be an anxiety-inducing thing?

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  8. I always feel like I missed something with it comes to coffee! I don’t dislike it – in fact, I rather do – but I don’t crave it like so many people I know! I probably have it once every few months or so, like a treat.

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  10. Coffee reminds me of old times and authentic things and the simple pleasures of life. I feel in touch with a deeper part of my identity when i’m drinking coffee.
    Loved this post,i can even smell the coffee haha

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  12. I completely agree! Coffee is so much more than just a wake up call. It brings warmth, comfort and familiarity. Every morning the smell of coffee just makes me feel content. I love visiting coffee shops and trying different brews and roasting techniques! Best thing ever!

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  13. I absolutely love coffee. And now I am looking for something awesome. A cup of coffee that once I take a sip of I will forget the pain and everything else going on around me for the moment that the coffee lasts in the cup. But so far I have not found anything great.

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  14. I love making a pour over coffee each morning– a time to slow down my thinking and a great time to reflect on everything I’m grateful for ☕️☀️

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  15. I loved reading this post. I enjoy coffee for the caffeine obviously, but it’s so much more than that! Waking up in the morning to a nice cup of “me time” is one of the most blissful experiences you can have. Looking forward to more posts!

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  16. I owned a coffee shop for three years and loved every minute of it. I introduced a lot of people to a new experience, “good coffee” and I am happy to say, (or at least believe…) that I helped made a few more coffee lovers. Customers that understood that freshly roasted coffee is an experience rather than just cup of the stuff that comes out of the office coffee pot. Experiencing good coffee varieties is like the difference in wines. I love coffee… I only drink it in the morning but that cup is always the best.

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