Sunday Funnies!




19 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies!

  1. Hi Abbie, many thanks (augenblick); I certainly wish I had as many followers as you do…I can’t seem to crack that nut. I hope you enjoy posts going forward, and that you’ll check out some of my previous posts as well. Given that your blog addresses two of the staples of my life, books and coffee, it’s a no-brainer for me to follow along. Cheers! JDB

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  2. That’s a cute cartoon which reminds me of my local independent book shop. It’s called Strays because it used to be a pet shop and when the new owners took over they kept the name. I think you’d love it because they’ve extended it and they now have a thriving coffee shop alongside (where they also have occasional tapas and jazz). If you’re ever in Nottinghamshire let me know and I’ll take you for a coffee & a browse… 🙂

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