Brown Bag Book Exchange

16711971_1778298172489682_3883182582501892248_nThis is a brown bag book exchange. You bring a book and you get a book, but you do not reveal what you bring. The book you bring must be disguised and briefly described. So bring your book covered or in a brown paper bag, write the genre on the outside and/or a few tidbits about the book, but keep it a mystery!16649565_1778214235831409_8198701075672050166_n

Books should be in really good condition. Bring up to 2 (different) books. There will also be awesome coffee and pie available for purchase via the delicious Bipartisan Cafe. So come and join the fun, meet new people, and read a new bookdownload!download (1)


10 thoughts on “Brown Bag Book Exchange

  1. I’ve done this for Valentine’s Day at my University and called it Blind Date with a Book — it went really well! I love it! Hope it went well for you, too!


  2. This sounds like a really good idea! I’ve seen this done in bookstores a few times, but I’ve never been brave enough or, I guess, seen anything interesting enough to take a chance.

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    • That’s why the exchange aspect is so great, you get to pass on a good experience while taking a chance on a new one, and at no cost or commitment 🙂 it can be really fun and interesting!


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