Tribute to Browning’s Beauty

“The beautiful seems right by force of beauty…”

elizabeth_barrett_browning_2Elizabeth Barrett Browning

(6 March  1806 – 29 June 1861)
She was one of the most prominent English poets of the Victorian era, popular in Britain and the United States during her lifetime.

Elizabeth’s volume Poems (1844) brought her great success, attracting the admiration of the writer Robert Browning. Their correspondence, courtship and marriage were carried out in secret, for fear of her father’s disapproval. Following the wedding she was indeed disinherited by her father.
The couple moved to Italy in 1846, where she would live for the rest of her life. They had one son, Robert Barrett Browning, whom they called Pen. She died in Florence in 1861.A collection of her last poems was published by her husband shortly after her death.
Elizabeth’s work had a major influence on prominent writers of the day, including the American poets Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. She is remembered for such poems as “How Do I Love Thee?” (Sonnet 43, 1845) and Aurora Leigh (1856).

“What is genius but the power of expressing a new individuality?”
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning



20 thoughts on “Tribute to Browning’s Beauty

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  2. Another great post, Abbie! Would it be alright with you if I featured you on our site, I had mentioned it before but I would love to draft a post to share Saturday, 3/18. No effort needed on your part, I just want to dote on you 🙂

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      • I know I originally opened it up as a space for you to write something. I have since had issues with bloggers sending just WAY too much material and decided that it would be best to write the posts myself, as a sort of tribute. That makes it a true feature and pays more honor and respect, I think. Your blog already has such a collection of great photos that I think I have everything I need to spruce up the post but I will certainly let you know if I need anything!

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      • Random question, do you like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? With it coming out in theaters here on Friday and given your love for classics, I thought of including a meme of some sort.

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      • It is my favorite 🙂 I cried when I saw the first preview. I am obsessed with and adore the tale as a whole. I have read SO many variations and adaptations of the story (watched quite a few too) and I have the entire Disney movie memorized. I am seeing the live action movie tomorrow, gonna dress up and everything, I am a bit overly excited! So short story long , yes 🙂

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      • I had a feeling this would be your response 😉 I can’t wait to go see it!!! AHHH!! I’m so jealous of your grand Thursday adventures!

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