Blustery Days

We have been having some insane weather again here in Portland;
seriously crazy winds and oh the rain!
When you hear there’s a tornado only 80 miles away,
you know these are bona fide Blustery days!
My solution of course is to hunker down with a nice cup of coffee,
and you guessed it, curl up with a good
There is a beauty to the sights and sound of rain, and a
magic that is there if we wait for it.PWHydrolRainfall

Allow yourself to really hear the howling winds, and whooshing leaves.
We are surrounded by strong powerful forces.281624235_7529784383_z-editedTake your own sweeping breath of strength, and embrace it.

Sure it can be dangerous and it can make you sad and soggy. But now, what better excuse for a hot cup of your favorite steamy drink, and a cozy sweater or blanket to melt the brittleness away.
The beauty is in the opportunity to appreciate our conveniences,
and to embrace an opportunity to slow down.Piglet-Blustery-Day.gifSo take a moment, stop and smell the sweet dewy breeze
(or gusts if you are anywhere near pdx.)
If you can take the time to read or write
(or meditate in the way that suits you,)00d19f0fdbc9d711061194d882230dd4I think you would be glad you did.
For those without that ability, just take a moment to stop,
reflect for a moment, and breath in the day.Rainy-days-quote-image-hd
And treat yourself to something hot, be it cocoa, tea, or coffee!alphabetcity
I’m reading “The Wisdom of The Shire”
on these blustery days.
What are your favorite rainy day reads?

rainy day quote by maya angelou


16 thoughts on “Blustery Days

  1. A beautiful post! A couple weeks ago Hurricane Matthew brought high winds and rain, rain, rain to Central Newfoundland, where I live. I enjoyed the extra time inside that it gave me to read and reflect on the topic of my current blog posts on Philippians 2:1-11, one of my favourite Biblical passages. However I also sympathized with those who had flooded basements or worse. Fortunately nobody lost their lives to the storm as they did in Haiti and the southeastern states of USA. My prayers go out for the people who suffered from the storm both here and in those areas.

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  2. Went for a run this morning just before the weather went a bit mad and the rain started and branches started coming off trees! Is beautiful around here, am in the countryside and I love this time of year with the leaves being what they are. So I got home, put on my warmest Christmas jumper (I’m not apologising for it!) and my big boot slippers. The kiddies are dressed similarly and we’ll light a fire later. Love it! (Great, great post).

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  3. I empathize completely! It is pouring outside, and my wife is curled up on the sofa, sipping her cappuccino (all foam, no milk) and reading a good book, while I am enjoying my latte while working on my latest book (I can’t guarantee it’s good, but it’s about a very interesting subject) and reading great blogs–like this one. I hope you are all having a nice, cozy day enjoying the two nectars of Nature: rain and coffee. Cheers, Don

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