Mid-week Meet n’ Greet


Lets get to know each other:

Share about your love of books
and/or coffee/tea!

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Fictional Genres

What are your Favorite Fiction Genres?


13 thoughts on “Mid-week Meet n’ Greet

  1. I love science fiction and fantasy genres but I’ve learned through reviewing a variety of different books that sometimes a genre you don’t expect will really catch your attention. I didn’t think I liked comedy fiction until I tried it and found one of my favourite books by a new indie author. We should try different genres of books even ones we don’t expect, once in a while we might enjoy something different :).

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  2. Hello, I am Monica and I have a great love for tea! Today I have been slowly savoring a large cup of a warm sweet cinnamon spice blend (cinnamon, ginger root, rosehip, orange peel and peppermint). My winter favorites are a Coconut Chai – black, Sweet Tangerine – yogi, and any of the Traditional Medicinals brand flavors- Gypsy Cold care, and Throat Coat are the BEST to have on hand during cold/flu season. Thanks 🙂

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  4. I love contemporary and am working on editing a piece some may call Women’s Fiction. Every now and then I make my self read a classic I never gave attention during school years. Nursing school directors don’t care if you’ve read Jane Austen or Charles Dickens 🙂

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  5. I read all of these genres if the book is well-written, includes characters I like, and doesn’t scare me too much (thus, horror is not found on my bookshelf). I write romantic suspense because I enjoy page-turners, and I believe we ALL need love in our lives.

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    • I agree. Classic literature many times falls into more than one category. Based not only on the obvious “classic” category but also because of the depth of story telling that the authors possessed. I find it difficult to genre books as well. Usually the books that are easily categorized that way, are not books that I enjoy. I love long extended stories that have depth of character and relationships. Stories that really showcase things like the human condition, life struggles and pain, and personal growth. It’s hard to narrow a book like that down to one genre.

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