Mid-week Meet n’ Greet

Lets get to know each other:

Share about your love of books
and/or coffee/tea!

Source: Cafe Meet n’ Greet

Who’s your favorite American novelist and
what novel do you consider their greatest?


7 thoughts on “Mid-week Meet n’ Greet

  1. I like Franzen a lot, i thought Jonathan Lethem was both poignant and hilarious, and now I’ve become hooked on Thomas Pynchon. I first read Bleeding Edge, didn’t get it at first and really liked it in the end. Now I’m on a quest to discover him first to last and am reading Gravity’s Rainbow. Again, I don’t really know what’s going on, but the literate devices (poems, vernacular, form letters, inner dialog, descriptions, hallucinating episodes and a great deal of ? science sounding believable) are being dropped thicker and quicker than the bombs of the Germans!
    My favorite coffee concoction is a cappuccino, but for Pynchon it should be a double espresso.

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  2. I voted for Steinbeck because of the depth of his writing. Unlike Hemingway, there is a greater variation on his voice and style. I considered Scotty, but that would be based on a preference only for Gatsby. Curious about the ‘others’ in the voting… 🙂

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