Sunday Funnies!



31 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies!

  1. Bwahahahahahahaa! Nice! AND…. a REAL book you can pick up anytime and read where as you have to wait for the battery to charge or have it plugged in etc with a tablet thingy of which for some people works out very well. I like real books! Too old school to read from an electronic device that may have battery issues, crash, get a virus, not work, drop and crack the screen etc. My books are all battle beaten over the years yet I can still pick one up and read it anywhere! But today’s comic was a goodie, almost spewed coffee all over the screen…. OH NO! I’m using an electronic device to read this! AUGH!!!!!!! lol

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  3. I likes me kindle. I can read in line at the grocery store. I can carry five books at once. And I don’t have to figure out how to keep the darn thing open when I am eating lunch. Other than that, I like physical boos too.

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  5. hello cafe book bean its dennis the vizsla dog hay this mayd my dada laff and laff!!! altho i think he sides with the ereeder in faky sumwun wunse loand him a kopy of the doorstopper buk dune wot he had sumhow never red befor and he finaly bawt himself a kopy for his ereeder and gayv the payper wun bak on akkownt of he sez it wuz sutch a pain holding the buk open wile eeting luntch!!! hay dada!!! #firstworldproblems!!! ha ha ok bye

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