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Let us get to know each other:
Comment and share a little about your love of books and/or coffee/tea.

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26 thoughts on “Monday Meet n’ Greet

  1. Right now I am reading “Circling the Sun” by Paula McLain. The story of a woman who grew up in colonial Kenya, who had to fight to define her own life in a British, male-dominated world, and who knew, among others Isaak Dinesen (Out of Africa). Very lyrical writing.

    I like Irish Breakfast tea — fairly pedestrian, but there you are!

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  2. I’m reading ‘Girl on a Train’ and loving it so far, I like books that are more than what they show on the surface. I’ll read most things that are available bur I’m not a fan of sci-fi.
    Just done a review on ‘The Watson Letters’ which was incredibly funny and I have a soft spot for old fashioned mystery books.

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  3. Hi, I read romance. I’m not too fussy in regards to sub-genre, but I draw the line at futuristic alien romance. I do not get it at all. If I was to pick a favourite sub-genre it would probably be Historical romance. I just read and reviewed an ARC of a Highlander historical romance – The Beast of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood. I really enjoyed it.

    I drink coffee. Again not too fussy. I prefer a long black/Americano with a touch of cold milk added.

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  4. I read because… I always have. I remember finishing my first book, when I was maybe 6 or 7? An abridged edition of Kipling’s “Capitaines courageux” (in French. Original title: Captains courageous: a story of the grand banks) And I remember closing the book and thinking: I have just finished reading an entire book. 🙂
    Books have been with me ever since. I cannot imagine a day without a book. You?

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