TBR Tuesday

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It’s Tuesday and I thought I would share some books that are on my every growing To-Be-Read list.

Here is a snapshot of my tbr list of
books; waiting patiently, but
in good company:

(Click any picture or title for more info.)

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
 by Rebecca Skloot
This one has been on my list for a while, I’m a bit ashamed of that. I am so interested in the story, and anxious to one day finally get to it.
Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor black tobacco farmer whose cells—taken without her knowledge in 1951—became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, and more.

Peach-Iced-Green-Tea-Recipe-0Rated 4.6 on amazon.com
Book Bean: Peppered Peach Tea
Peach tea mixed well with clove and anise,
then poured over ice.

The Master and Margarita
by Mikhail Bulgakov

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15 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday

  1. Definitely recommend The Master and Margarita- it’s hard, heavy and humorous. I wasn’t sure as I turned the first few pages but it ended up being the book you can’t put down- might actually need to pick it up again now that you’ve reminded me!!
    Happy reading

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  2. Bonsoir mon Amie
    Je viens tout en douceur
    Avec mon petit sourire
    Et ma bonne humeur
    Te souhaiter tout ce qu’il peux y avoir de meilleur dans ce monde
    Passe une belle soirée
    Une très belle fin semaine surtout avec du soleil
    Je te fais un très grand signe d’amitié
    Pleins de bisous pour embellir cette amitié qui règne entre nous depuis xxx temps

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