Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees

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download (3)These coffee’s are rare and unique and come from all over the world. There is an interesting variety of flavors to keep any coffee connoisseur interested. However not all of these are readily available, some are bought by auction, some are sold in small batches to select people, and some are only sold in far off places.

Starting with the least expensive here are
the top 10 most expensive coffees:


Black Blood of the Earth $40/750ml
or $95 for Blue Mountain!
Philip Broughton, the man who invented this coffee, says most of the coffee beans come from the rift valleys of Ethiopia and Africa where the beans are loaded with oil.
Flavor Notes: The acid is lost during intense processing, so what you get in your cup is a strong flavored brew that is rich in caffeine, but lacks acid.
Fun Fact: Black Blood of Earth is prepared using cold…

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees

  1. I am in a terrible bind. My doctor just told me that I cannot drink anything with caffeine in it. This means that I can’t drink anything such as my beloved coffee. I don’t want to go the decaffeinated route because I just don’t like it. This is all to prepare me for surgery on April 19. What’s a guy to do? Charles

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  2. You guys will not believe I drunk 2 coffee’s from above list, Huehuetenango and black ivory coffee. I am a big coffee addict and my boyfriend knows that, coffee is my week point, so from last 3 years on our anniversary, He treat me with such quality coffee’s, which feels like heaven. I will send this list to him, so he knows what he need to do for next 8 Anniversaries: D. Also here I share my coffee love, have a look.

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  3. Bonsoir JEUNE FILLE
    Je viens te chanter un air d’amitié
    Celui-ci ,je l’ai écouté et je viens te le fredonner

    Mon chant d’amitié
    Celui sait transformé en une douce mélodie
    Dans ses mots on pouvait entendre le refrain

    Belle soirée à toi et ta famille

    Une belle semaine
    avec une bise de douceur

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