Monday Meet n’ Greet

Lets get to know each other:
Share about your love of books and/or coffee/tea! Source: Cafe Meet n’ Greet



35 thoughts on “Monday Meet n’ Greet

  1. I don’t drink coffee though I’ve always enjoyed the smell of it in the morning. Yet I had a Captain friend of mine in the navy; I was in the Marine Corps at the time, who was a Chaplain. About five fee six or so, grew up at 18 fighting in World War II then Korea as a Chaplain at a MASH unit. I was in Okinawa at the time, he was just taking over the Pacific theater for the Naval Chaplain Corps. He sailed his small sloop from San Diego to Japan, a kind of Hemingway figure with a Groucho Marx humor, drinking hard rock gut coffee with grounds sprinkled lightly in it with a bit of bourbon for smoothness.

    The smell of the coffee I made for him in the mornings while on duty with him, imprinted much of the behavior of the man into the memories which challenged me to become who I have become. When I smell of coffee; I remember the first time I met him. A long hornblower pipe in his mouth, yellow slicker, with boots, a cup of coffee in his hand, the other hand on the wheel guiding his ship into dock, looking out at us with a keen eye, the first sight of his home and us for the next year.


  2. I love good black coffee. If you ever see me put cream and sugar in my coffee, it’s because the coffee isn’t very good.

    In my office, we get free, unlimited coffee, all day long. I drink it with cream and sugar.

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  3. I used to only drink it if it didn’t taste like coffee, adding tons of cream and chocolate and sugar. But I’m getting used to it now and love my little Biaetti Moka Express 🙂

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