Charming Children’s Classics

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I have loved books since I can remember, and growing up I got to read a lot. I was privileged enough to get to experience so much great literature. I have continued to enjoy these books for years. All of the books are so beautifully written and illustrated.

Here is my list of Charming Children’s Classics.
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Winnie the Pooh is so fantastically brilliant, I can’t get enough of it. The relate-able fun characters are brought together magically in these wonderful tales and poems. I bet we all know a person or two who resembles an Eeyore, Tigger, or Rabbit, etc. Each clever little story is brought to us via the imagination of Christopher Robin, and A.A. Milne of course.
honey-bread-milk-table-39141976The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh
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Book Bean: Warm Milk and Honey of course.
It’ll make your tummy…

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12 thoughts on “Charming Children’s Classics

  1. Seeing your post today reminded me of something a reader of mine sent me. She is looking for the title of a children’s classic book (she can’t remember the title, but she deeply truly want to get a copy of the book. I put it out to my readers and tried searching for it–to no avail. So, I will insert what she wrote and maybe you or one of your readers could help. I know it would make her day (possibly her month–who knows)

    Here is what she wrote.
    I’d love to come across an English children’s book I loved as a child about a caterpillar named Caleb who was on his way to a party when a little girl called Penelope imprisoned him in a matchbox. Unfortunately, the cover was obscured by white tape (one of my barbaric siblings having damaged it before I came along) and I was too young to note the title and/or author, so it’s not likely I will.

    Thank you


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