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I personally like all of them for different reasons. I prefer to use paperbacks for everyday reading, but I like to get a copy of my favorite books in the hardback. Sometimes it just depends on the book, in the bookstore one or the other will speak to me, I would say I’m 70/30 (paperback/hardback) roughly.  I will say one of my many quirks is that if I start a series with a hard/paperback, I have to finish them all the same! As far as e-books, they are convenient now and then, but I don’t think I will ever fully convert. I think that audiobooks are great for car-rides!

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21 thoughts on “Mid-week Meet n’ Greet

  1. I am very much the same way! If I start a series as an audiobook, I have to finish it that way. Though I adore paperbacks and even my ereader, I can listen to my audiobook collection while taking long coffee and relax drives in the country.

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  2. Recently I’ve found my self. The curious being that I’ve never known has become a prominent one that I can rely on for adventure. I used to O stain from reading because I found the act dull and futile but now that I’ve picked it up as a habit, I’ve enjoyed it. The way books can give people different emotions. The way you can see yourself in a certain novel excites me, almost as much as watching a great film. I now enjoy dipping my finger in the creative juices that flow beneath the surface, I can nurture them to grow into a magnificent proposition. I can now take a step forward. I used to be so timid but I’m somewhat free now.

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  3. I don’t care if it’s hardback or paper. Whatever I can get my hands on. I do enjoy buying my favorites or classics in hardback though. I prefer a physical copy of books but I download free ebooks every week. I just like to read. I’m not a fan of audio books because I have a hard time focusing and will fall asleep

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  4. I love paperbacks because they feel so much better, and softer, in my hands. They’re more flexible. I can hold them more easily. Though eBooks are so much easier to read in bed. Don’t need a light and I don’t have to worry about waking my partner. Basically, as long as it’s reading, it’s all good.

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  5. I definitely prefer paperbacks for everyday reading and I usually buy the paperback edition when it’s a book I’m not suuuper excited about/looking forward to. When it’s a book in a series or by an author I love, I get the hardcover edition. But the thing you said with starting and ending a series in the same format, I’m completely the same!

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  6. I prefer ebooks nowadays because those I can read even when the kids are asleep around me, which is really the only time I have some time to read 🙂 Also, I can get my hands on a newly ordered book in seconds, as opposed to days or weeks, depending on where it comes from.

    Of course, I buy physical books for the children, and occasionally for myself, too. Mainly when it isn’t available in ebook format. I have a nice collection of paperbacks and hardbacks already 🙂 I need more shelves now!

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