Monday Meet n’ Greet

Lets get to know each other:
Comment and share a little about your
love of books and/or coffee/tea.  

Source: Cafe Meet n’ Greet

Where do you enjoy your Coffee/tea?


39 thoughts on “Monday Meet n’ Greet

  1. Out early on the back porch, even in winter. Coffee, smokes, and the day’s crossword – and a pen. Early enough not to worry about time but about 7 Across, nine letters…
    Now I have a different porch, don’t smoke, and read the internet instead. But I don’t forget that feeling of contentment. Or satisfaction at once in a while killing that crossword. Sassafras!
    These days it’s a mug in the car in a rush. Nothing wrong with that but every once in a while I still raid my Dad’s recyclables for the Sunday NYT puzzle and grab a pen and a mug. 4 Down, Home of the terracotta army…

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  2. My love of tea and coffee comes from my Nana, she’s passed now but I have wonderful memories of sharing tea with her and spending time together. I collect mugs and teacups because they remind me of her…I’m so glad that we had the time we did together and that it was well spent laughing, crying and drinking tea.

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  3. I love nothing more than to curl up on my big arm chair, piping hot coffee, black, a great book or continuation of writing something special, snuggled under a blanket while the rain is beating on the window pane.

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  4. Hi, My first coffee is always at home, it’s nice and quiet and my dog’s and I take in the morning, silently planning a little more my day, I usually share my coffee with my first view of the day of my blog, as we all have different time zones I like to see what has been going on during the night.I then usually prepare myself for my morning outing, where of course, I have my second coffee in my favourite coffee shop of the moment, it’s great to chit chat and watch the people go by…. I love mornings…………

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  5. I enjoy my coffee alone in a home, but lately started drinking more water which refreshes more than any coffee/ tea and all naturally keeping our body healthy. Why not to try it someday ?
    Good day bookworm 🙂

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  6. The mid work coffee, wherever that is, has to be the best at all, it’s a beautiful excuse to stretch out and stop eye knuckle for five minutes, and ease back into work with an especially rich roast.

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  7. When I’m sitting at home, I usually choose tea – preferably with a hefty dose of lemon and honey. But when I’m out in the town, I like to find a good café and enjoy the unique atmosphere. And when I’m at a good café, all I need to feel happy is a gorgeous view, inspiring company and a steaming cup of cappuccino covered in cinnamon.

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  8. My wife and I enjoy a cup together each morning. All before the day gets away we talk about our plans and enjoy each other’s company without distractions. (well except for two boxers who are jealous of the attention we pay each other.)

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  9. My love for coffee came from my Croatian father. If it wasn’t for his religious afternoon Turkish coffee, I may not be alive today. (Will save that story for another day!)
    Unfortunately, due to IBS, I can no longer drink coffee. My morning usually starts with sniffing my husbands morning brew before settling down in my favourite chair with a cup of tea, puppy at my side, with my iPad ready for a game of Scrabble.

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