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I think it’s a real thing…
tsundoku (1)

Any goodBibliophiledoes this, right..?

Well I do, I cannot walk into a bookstore and leave empty handed. I think I did once, and I was distracted all day by the pit in my stomach. It’s a problem, I know, but not one I’m keen to fix. There are worst things right, then a serious addiction to literature? I suppose it would be less of an inconvenience if I didn’t live in such a quaint little house…
It would also help if I could part with books, but alas, I cannot. Another problem I know. I just can. not. get. rid. of. books! I feel an emotional attachment to them, and maybe that is unhealthy, but I don’t see it changing any time soon. Is there a support group for Bookaholics? I try to imagine it. I see is a bunch of book…

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34 thoughts on “Tsundoku..?

  1. I have so many unread books it fills multiple shelves, and that’s not the digital ones! And yes, I can’t go into a bookstore without leaving with something, although it takes me more time to decide what I won’t take than it does to pick the books I want to read :).

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  2. This is actually true that people buy a lot of books and NEVER read them. I have seen it! They basically do this to try to impress people who come over and see this massive amount of books and they assume that their friend is a prolific reader and has read all of them at least twice and then they are bamboozled by their talks of how they read them so often they lose track of who’s what etc so they don;t have to go in to detail about any one particular book even if their friend has read one or twelve of them. I’ve also seen this with magazines, dvd collections and it’s like collecting figurines to them, it accentuates the room etc. It’s insane yes, but an actual condition.


  3. For every book I start reading, there are at least ten that I add to my shelves or to my Kindle or borrow from the library that sit waiting in a pile nearby. And for every ten that make it to that pile, there are a hundred that manage to make it to my book wish list. And for every hundred that make it that far, there are a thousand that could have as easily taken the place of any of the others, all the way through to the one in my hand.

    If ever tsundoku isn’t running wild today, I fear I might run out of reading tomorrow.

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  4. It isn’t too impress that these collections grown. It is a defense against boredom. I just picked up Darwin’s Origin of Species, a collection of classic gothic tales and the last Rick Castle book. I’m impressing no one with any of those (other than OoS. But when I am hard core bored I need something heady and overpopulated with punctuation to get me grounded again). In fact, I infuriate my OCD friends who don’t understand the compulsion to buy books (weirdly ironic no?) and my thrifty friends who think that the library is the better shopping choice. But if you make friends with an edition at the library you have to give it back. And in the case of OoS, it might take my entire life to read it. But it is there when the debates happen. Or when the boredom is too great for a quick read.

    Also…. pretty spines are my visual drug. The gothic stories is a total throwback to the Victorian printing era with metallic ink, debossing, swashes and whirls adorning the letters and a font that would make Bella Lugosi drool.

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  5. I love how you write that like its a bad thing. Since losing eyesight, reasonable income and sometimes the will to live I can’t not buy this he books I would have bought if I could still read them. It would do my ”Head-In’ if I knew there were books released by my favour authors and they were not present on my bookcase….oh, I display them differently, but I still buy them!

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