Mid-week Meet n’ Greet

Lets get to know each other:
Share about your love of books and/or coffee/tea!
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49 thoughts on “Mid-week Meet n’ Greet

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  2. I support our local bookstore as much as I can. I do my bibliographical research on Amazon if I haven’t the data ready and then visit my bookseller to order whatever I need. The bookstore is nice, the people are friendly and the owner always has time for a chat.

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  3. I love going to the library. Ebooks are the easiest to get. We used to have a great local book store here but they went out of business. The other one is mediocre.

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  5. The library used to be my favorite place ever. Where I live now it’s an awful, crowded, monstrous place and I can’t find anything I like. I’ll go to goodwill if the parking lot’s not crowded and find something there if I’m desperate. I don’t really read much any more anyway, there’s no time. If I had time and the courage to explore, maybe I’d go back. bleah.

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  6. oh, and I love books and tea and coffee. favorite coffee: ethiopian, kenyan or colombian, black, no sugar, or if I’m splurging, a caramel latte. favorite tea: orange spice or regular Lipton. Favorite book? whatever I’m reading if there’s time.

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  7. My mother always said that I was reading when I was born and the doctor couldn’t tear the book out of my tiny fists. I hang out at Barnes because it’s the last brick and mortar bookstore around here. Sometimes I buy books for my Kindle, if I’m going somewhere, or if I really don’t want to keep the book, but otherwise I buy from Barnes. If I want them to stay, I have to pay. Their cupcakes are AMAZING. Their hot chocolate is good as well.

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  8. Bookshops as much as I can but if I know there is absolutely no chance this particular book will appear on the shelves in my part of the world (this is especially true about books in original languages), I order them online

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      • True. I don’t know what will happen to my books when I die. When my father left us, I had to give away two thirds of his books. Partly because I didn’t have enough space partly because some of the books were not worth reading any more. I kept the best of course. And found space. Donated the rest to the French Lycée here. They were delighted. 😉

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      • Most likely. The only problem for Africa is how on earth to get the books there. I think I love books so much that I prefer to donate. Even the worst books I may have read I have never thrown away. Well, maybe one. A real piece of… But only one. Books are sacred and should go around and around and around “till the last syllable of recorded time” 😉
        How about you? have you ever donated books? Or thrown one away? 🙂

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      • That would be tricky, I didn’t even know about it until another blogger mentioned it in a comment. I had assumed there was a collection place for it. I agree completely on your stance with books, they should be shared! I have donated books, but never ever thrown a book away (except maybe 1 or 2 that were ruined beyond repair.)

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      • We are on the same page. Now, I bind books. Have a press and all, learned the “trade” from my father, that means I can pretty much restore any book, as long as there still are pages. 🙂 Even restored an 18th century book once. Fun.

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  9. I am spending a day with my beloved books. Dusting and rearranging the bookshelf. Tomorrow I’m off for a trip to our local library. I do hope printed books are around for a long time to come. Love the smell of ink on paper 🙂

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  10. I love real booksreal bookshops, especially the increasingly rare independents, with the thrill of finding something new. The Kindle is however devilishly convenient, especially as my shelves are getting so cluttered. So Amazon is in for this… but I somehow feel bookshops are too important to lose. I hear they can also be good places to meet partners! Not that I’m looking to replace the wonderful Mrs Oblique.
    I have said more about this on my blog:


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  11. Lately I have been listening to Audible books on the commute to and from work, reading hard cover books from the local library at lunch, and reading from my Kindle App in the evenings. This way I am “reading” three books at the same time and never getting bored with any of them. And for some reason I have been drinking Cafe Americanos lately.

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  12. I tend not to buy books anymore since I got in trouble with my wife for taking an entire bedroom over with my shelves…So the library has become my best friend! And I love that I can borrow ebooks!

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  13. I don’t own a Kindle so it’s the library and bookstores for me! Currently I live in South Korea so I usually just order my books if I can’t find them in the English section in the bookstores. There’s nothing like planning your day to go to the bookstore or library. I love it. I’m huge coffee person, so I am always at the local coffee shop :).

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  14. I am one of the people that said A Mix on the poll. I visit a library if there is a book I need for just one purpose and don’t want or need to own it. I visit my local bookstore whenever I get money for my birthday or Christmas so I can buy my favorite author’s latest. I have loaned books from friends before as well and I have purchased e-books online to put on my phone so I always have one handy when I am waiting in the doctor’s or dentist’s office or a long grocery store lineup. LOL I need to read! Oh, I like coffee just fine but prefer tea. =)

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