Mid-week Meet n’ Greet

Lets get to know each other:
Share about your love of books and/or coffee/tea!
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I personally like all of them for different reasons. I prefer to use paperbacks for everyday reading, but I like to get a copy of my favorite books in the hardback. Sometimes it just depends on the book, in the bookstore one or the other will speak to me, I would say I’m 70/30 (paperback/hardback) roughly.  I will say one of my many quirks is that if I start a series with a hard/paperback, I have to finish them all the same! As far as e-books, they are convenient now and then, but I don’t think I will ever fully convert. I think that audiobooks are great for car-rides!

129 thoughts on “Mid-week Meet n’ Greet

  1. I’m Brazilian, coffee is not a drink, it’s a way of life. 😀 My first coffee of the day has milk in it because I don’t like eating anything early in the morning. The next mugs are black, sweetened but not much. I also love cappuccino and caramel mocha.

    Now regarding books, lately I’m mostly buying them on Kindle. I have a bunch of paperbacks and hardcovers, but usually I buy them when the book has graphic elements that are better viewed on paper.

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  2. Whatever comes my way, usually paperbacks, but every now and then I’ll give a favourite book to someone and replace it with a used hardback from eBay so I have a longer lasting version.
    Never read an e-book, although it makes perfect sense for a prolific reader, traveller, or perhaps one who likes/needs larger print. Got a kindle for my mum for a hospital stay. Some of the old classics are now so cheap on e-book format that they’re much more accessible and less daunting, and less of a risk!

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  3. Looks like paperbacks are the most popular form, based on your poll results 🙂 I love paperback most: with hardcovers I feel like I’ll damage them any second lol, with audiobooks I get easily distracted and with e-books I often lose my place, even with bookmarks. I’m a pretty picky reader but e-books and audiobooks are very convenient, I have to admit!


  4. I have a fondness for paper back books…probably a sentimental carry over from my childhood when I first discovered the magic of stories. I also like the pliability of the covers. There’s something about the way they feel, about their yielding nature…for some reason, it feels inviting, friendly….as opposed to the rigidity and formality of a hard cover. Having said that, whether soft cover or hard cover, I prefer books to e-reads (although it is convenient to be able to order books on Kobo…instant gratification now that I live in the country). But back to my previous point, there is something so nurturing and indulgent about a real-live book that can’t be duplicated. 🙂


  5. I prefer paperbacks, but since I utilize libraries for most of my reading, I would say 70% of my reads are hardcopy. It’s pretty rare I ever buy a new book in hard copy. I’m usually far too behind on reading to be that current! If I have the chance to buy used books, I jump at it, and they are usually paperback. Amazon, garage sales….wherever!


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