Benefits of Being a Bibliophile

Source: Benefits of Being a Bibliophile


25 thoughts on “Benefits of Being a Bibliophile

  1. I’m an ebook gal through and through, but when I come across something that’s really, really good, I do get hard copies when I can. There is a certain satisfaction in cracking the spine open for the first time. 😀

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  3. Almost everything I read now is on Kindle. It took me forever to try Kindle because I was so sure that I would miss the feel (and smell) of a book in my hands, but I found that with moving and traveling as much as I do, Kindle becomes so much more practical (I can carry all of my books with me wherever I go). But when I find a book I adore, I also have to buy the hard copy also. There are studies that show comprehension and retention isn’t the same on an ebook either….which makes sense to me. I read differently on kindle than paper book.

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