Funky Shelves Lookbook

I love displaying books in fun and unique ways. I also really enjoy seeing how other people find new and interesting ways to shelve their books. 🙂 So like a good bibliophile I compiled a drool worthy list.

So here is a series of fun and funky bookshelves:

1.vintage crate shelvesI love the rustic vibe and functionality of this clever creation

pac-manHow awesome is this one! Maybe it’s just the nerd in me…

6684724Ok… This is SUCH a crazy fun idea. Mine might look a little different, but I LOVE the concept.

batman-bookshelfAnother one that’s reveals a slight nerdy side, but it’s just so great.

e4e926e0c7f710e3304f466036ddcf1dI know it seems a bit simple for this post, but I am really drawn to it. I love the funkiness, and that it is on wheels!!!

70856a9ac40011d0b0a387b6aaa44f37This one is SO pretty and unique. I just love the creativeness!

Bookshelves-14This one is a bit simple, but I love it. I love the tree paired with the super dark background, next to subway tiles. It a very bluesy chill style, dig it!

1dc54b46138bd8591a6a29e3fa45b93bI’m sure this one has been seen many time before, but I love it non-the-less. So fun and clever, and it looks so great.

I hope you enjoyed that little lookbook of funky bookshelves. 

Which one is your favorite?