Saga Saturday III Alice Walker

It’s another Saturday time for another great Saga

My pick for this week is:
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“The Color Purple

This is a classic southern tale of friendship/family and hardship. I love story about sisterhood, I myself have 4, so I can relate. Alice Walker has captured a depth of character in her female protagonist, that is empowering. She is an amazing writer, and has written a very important piece of literature. “The Color Purple” won the Pulitzer Prize in 1983 (the year I was born.)

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Book Bean: Sweet Tea
picbbARG4.jpgThis tea is good hot too but is traditionally consumed iced.
In a large glass measuring cup, place 6 tea bags and 1/8 tsp baking soda. Pour 2 cups boiling water over the tea bags. Cover and steep for 15 minutes. Take out the tea bags and do not squeeze them. Pour the tea mixture into a 2-quart pitcher; add 1.5-2 cups sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add in 6 cups cold water. Let cool; chill in the refrigerator and serve over ice.


Honoring Alice Walker:
uewb_10_img0708Alice Walker was born February 9th 1944 in Putnam, Georgia. She had 8 siblings and was the youngest. When she was 8 she was shot in the eye with a bb gun by her brother, and become permanently blind in that eye. Her feeling of isolation and embarrassment from teasing were consolidated by writing poetry. She ended up being voted most popular and became valedictorian of her class. She went to college on a full scholarship. Alice walker has overcome so many challenges and obstacles and is an amazing women.Alice-Walker-Final.jpg



46 thoughts on “Saga Saturday III Alice Walker

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  2. This book is so vivid and beautiful, it really touched my heart. Great choice. Discovered Alice Walker because we share the same name (both first and last names) and how glad I am to have her writing in my life 🙂

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  3. This is one of those novels that make me despair of my ability to write.

    Writing in dialect is BEYOND hard. To do it and make it sing is a masterclass feat.

    Walker takes words and phrases and makes them swing around in your brain like a branches in a windstorm and then she takes words and makes you feel like most horrible thing in life is somehow kind of beautiful.

    The story will make you long for friendship, long for love and ache for horrors that humans can inflict upon each other. And all of the time the words will sing in your head.

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  5. Hello Abbie, it is a pleasure to meet you. I will definitely revisit and explore when time permits. I love the movie The Color Purple, although initially I find it difficult to read the book. Blessings and peace!

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  7. I remember trying to read this book when I was younger and I didn’t properly understand it so I stopped. I really want to read it again now though through different eyes.

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