My Material Soul

4010b2efb3471be666343487bde1b601I love this, and it is most certainly me. I get very emotionally invested in my reading material, and especially the characters. When I read a long book or a series, it takes me a while to re-coop when it is completed. This is probably why I was not a fan of Game of Thrones 😉  It’s also why I prefer to read books before I watch any adaptations. I like having the opportunity to form my own ideas, thoughts, and (most importantly) imagination around a story.

Book have always been a magical experiencing for me. Some more than others, but it is a feeling and experience I treasure. For this reason I have a hard time casually reading books I am emotionally invested in. I need to really be able to focus and absorb the story, so I can really feel like I am a part of it. I try to purposefully insure that I am distraction free. It’s not always easy or possible, but it worth it for a quality reading experience. I have been known to put off reading a particular book, simply because I knew I would not be able to really lose myself in it. I didn’t want to cheapen the experience knowing I would only get to read it a quick moment here and there. I don’t mind reading some books this way, but when it’s a book that I am really connected to I don’t want to be desperately scrounging for time to read it. That’s just stressful and depressing. Maybe that means I take my books and my reading way to seriously, and to that I say

Does anyone else do that? Put off reading something purposefully until the atmosphere is just right?