Book Door Lookbook

There are so many creative way to display books, but of all of them hidden bookshelf doors are my favorite! I have a small home so I can really appreciate any idea that saves space, and adds a little quirky
fun design to a house.

Here are some great book doors. This first one gives me all kinds of ideas.

book-case-door-after-iiI think this is such a great idea, what an awesome way to utilize all the space in your home. If it was me, inside that door would be a cozy little book nook getaway!chestnut-hill-02I am such a fan of the sliding hidden shelves! Not only does it save space but it is also a bit of fun I think. double-bookcase-door-600This one may be my favorite (design wise,) but I’m not sure, they are all so lovely. I think this one is a bit more obvious then the others though…
I love the color and molding.ea21831e099dd78b_5314-w500-h666-b0-p0--traditional-hallI love that there are even more books going up the stairs on the walls behind the secret shelf. This is clearly a bibliophile who has found a solution to Tsundoku.
hidden-secret-door-bookcase-ideas-pictureI think the modern sleekness of this shelf is so beautiful. The clean lines and
gorgeous wood is amazing.
ContentImage-3239-136961-hiddendoor1smallAnd then we have it’s opposite, I also love this rustic oddball. The wood is so pretty, and I dig the funky old world feel.

Do any of you have a hidden bookshelf door or something similar?

Just saw this kit of!!!

146 thoughts on “Book Door Lookbook

  1. My father was a book hoarder – every room was filled with bookshelves. I can’t imagine living a home devoid of bookshelves. The trend for smaller living spaces will continue – these are great ideas. Thank you.

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  2. Brilliant ideas and love the creativity and artistic flare that has been put in to them! Always gives me that secret laboratory behind the bookshelf from old movies feel. Always wanted the hidden room behind the books in the house! To MORE books!

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  5. La Casa de Tonteria (my house) would not allow for deep-set doors, but I find them intriguing. The one I like best is the sliding door, although it would be impractical because of the floorspace required.

    You may laugh, but my nieces and nephews used to play a game called Kingdom Hearts and part of it was set in Belle’s library from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. One puzzle involved re-shelving books so that certain bookcases slid to reveal hidden rooms of MORE books. They thought it would be really cool to visit a place like that in real-life (and so did I). I’d forgotten all about that until seeing these door-cases.

    Incidentally, my Book Nook project is going well so far!

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  6. Hi Abbie Lu,
    Cool photo story about the books in the hidden doors. Kinda gets my kid-imagination going on secret passageways.

    Thank you for Liking and following on my blog.

    You’ve created a really nice look and mood to yours. Pleasant to visit. :~)

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