Benefits of Being a Bibliophile

There are many benefits to being a book lover. Maybe we have an unhealthy compulsion to buy books. Maybe we have no surface space not claimed by random literary treasures. We may regularly suffer from book hangovers, but by gollie we:


 Prefer simple pleasures                              Never go to bed lonely
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Get excited easily                                          Have better vocabulary 😉
Never get bored                                              Travel to distant
Never stop learning                                        Have less stress
Improve memory                                          Have plenty to talk aboutimages.jpgimages (1).jpg

So we sometimes lack sleep, can’t leave a bookstore without buying something, and regularly use books as coasters, but we are happier and more whole because of it. Be proud.

How does being a book lover impact your life?

181 thoughts on “Benefits of Being a Bibliophile

  1. After my beautiful wife/soul-mate passed several years back I fell back on my love of books to occupy much of my alone time. And, to hear my friends tell it, I’ve gone overboard. They now compare me to the Professor in the Christmas movie “The Bishop’s Wife:” except I’m not that old. However, my home does resemble your photo, with less bookshelves. The kitchen and bath are the only places to move freely. And Amazon knows I’ll buy another 1-2 dozen each time I log on. My friends are threatening to buy me a Kindle, but I tell them not to waste their money. I’m old school and love the feel of books. It’s a feeling I first latched onto when I was a child recovering in the hospital, and it’s never left.

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    • I know what you mean, people don’t always understand my qwerks. Like why I don’t just utilize the library more, and why I HAVE to keep “that” book, or why I have 3 version of one of my favorite books.

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  2. Here’s a bibliophile benefit that inures not only to you and your bookshelves, but is also a happy plus for your family and friends and colleagues and strangers who get your name in Secret Santa — a bibliophile is really easy to buy a present for.

    There may be such a thing as a man or a woman who has everything, but there will never be any person who has too many books.

    Every now and then this has meant that I’ve collected two or three copies of the same book, when a gift giver hadn’t known I already had that title, but then again, I’ve never thought it a sin to have a different copy of a good book for a different room of the house. Besides, people who have worried about not knowing what book I might want off my public Amazon wishlist or from the newest and latest hot off the presses have always found me quite satisfied receiving a gift card to my favorite bookstore.

    Christmas or birthday or your favorite author’s birthday or any other day of the year, is there anyone easier to shop for a gift for than a bibliophile?

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  3. I can relate to all these examples you mentioned above. The scent of the books, especially the old ones, the joy when you find something you were looking for some months maybe years. The calmness while sitting in a couch with hot tea and letting yourself literally swallow by the story.. and more. Book for me equals happiness and joy! ☺

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  4. Of all the things that are in storage while waiting for the bigger place, it is my books I miss the most. My set supplies too. But the books…. The characters….world’s I want to go back to. I can do without new for the moment, it’s my old friends I long for.

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      • Though I suffer from the same addiction, I will not ever do something so sacriligious!! Unfortunately it means (and am busy doing that), that I need to reorganise my personal library, to be more focused on less themes. So, that involves in giving certain books away to people who appreciate those. And I know that hurts me, but as space is limited and not buying books is also not an option …..

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  5. Old books are great, but I ended up with a Bible of my grandfather’s that was really musty. I didn’t want it around because of that, so a cousin wanted it. I don’t think it was stored well and got too much humidity or something. I think old books need to be taken care of and aired out or something.

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  6. They are like people to me. Some become best friends, others passing acquaintances. My “best friends” always accept me the way I am and don’t care what I’m wearing or whether my hair is combed or I need a bath. They’ll jump into my lap anyway! They are very faithful!

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  7. Being a book lover affects me by giving me an unrequited desire to have a job that pays me to read books I actually like at my own pace. I do have a fantasy where I own a bookshop though so stay tuned… 😛

    Also thanks for the follow!

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  8. Books – stimulating the mind, but above all else, for me that is, they are entertainment.
    Whether they are fiction, textbooks, or I am researching something, biographies . . . , I don’t care, because my mind is always active around a book.

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  9. I really don’t buy a lot of books. I take them from the library and never return them, although, the Brooklyn Public Library has caught on to that 😦

    I now borrow (cough) a lot of books from my mom. Hoping she doesn’t catch on, too.

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  11. I really loved the formatting on this post! It’s definitely given me more insight on how to better format some of my posts. And you’re so right about the Bibliophile thing. Sometimes I wonder if i’ll finish all my books before I get ancient.
    Thank you very much for following my blog, by the way.

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  12. Ha, it’s like you read my mind! I am making a office/book nook and keep finding books that I stashed “temporarily” here and there. It reminded me of the saying about bookstores and self-control. 🙂

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  14. The smell of a new book is what I miss about paper books! My bad habit with paper books was that I HATED having or getting a crease on the spine. I was very OCD about making sure that I never bent it back too far so I wouldn’t get any creases. I guess, in a way, I wanted them to retain their newness. Is that weird? LOL

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