The Nightingale Gift

It has just arrived:

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
A historical novel set during WWII. This story is about
the survival, love, and freedom of two sisters in German-occupied,
war-torn France.

Somehow I got off the naughty list long enough to be gifted the #1 book on my wishlist. I am bubbling with excitement to read this book! “The Nightingale” has gotten rave reviews, it takes place during WWII (you know I’m a sucker,)  and it is just so beautiful. I wasn’t anticipating reading this book after “Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil,” but now that I have it in my grasp,  I’m not sure I can resist. I was supposed to be reading “Cinder” and “Outlander” next…
I really should make a concrete book schedule for myself, I’m terribly undisciplined.

Book Bean: Café au Lait 
Coffee with lots of milk; the traditional French breakfast drink,
a very milky coffee.

Updates to come as I dive head first into this epic tale.


71 thoughts on “The Nightingale Gift

  1. Hope you enjoy it, I always keep the books I really want to read at the bottom of the stack, so I’ve got them to look forward to and can savour them at the end, not sure if that’s the best way or I just like torturing myself as they sit there on my shelves looking at me accusingly 🙂


  2. What a beautiful cover!

    It never works to set a specific list/schedule. I’ve tried but always end up straying because something else comes along that begs to jump to the top of the list!

    PS Outlander is a good series ☺

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  3. Hahaaa a book schedule your so cute! Do you set certain times to read everyday? I love books too but I have trouble finding the time or sometimes I plan on reading at night before I sleep but I end up on my phone or blog instead lol.

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  5. Loved this!! Partly because I’m a WWII geek but also because of the gorgeous prose, character development, ethical dilemmas, plot twists…one of my top ten faves ever. And that’s saying a lot!

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