Little Free Library Lookbook

 Since my New Year’s Resolution is to have and Steward a Little Free Library, I thought I would ring in the new year with an LFL LookBook. There are so many great and unique one’s out there, I can’t wait to start my own journey.

Here are a few of the unique Little Free Libraries that inspire me:
1.f3e26abff836fbd71bba4958810ea38cThis one has bit of a Dr. Seussy vibe to it that is so great.
I love seeing LFL’s  made via re-purposing, this is so clever!


04smTardisRight3a. 0c386b2fe8f11f5199acda94c98911fb                                                                 3b.
                      These two are just so amazing I mean a Tardis Little Free Library, it’s just so flippin cool! Bravo to these two Stewards.
55ac464bf2e14.imageHow quaint is this? I love seeing the unique sway people show their style through their displays.
c7fa94bb0163360f56edadaa28147498Another re-purposing, this one is so beautiful. about location. How peaceful and serene is this
Little Library by the sea! liked the design of this one, it shows versatility.
8.little-free-library-12-photoWay to get creative and create something unique, Fun!
9.o7twmb8fctidi3lbaefnI really think this one is cool, it’s like a LFL Fort.
10.forthepress-image.jpgThis one is simple, but also super nifty, I  love it.
11.bb7d3484c6153084396cdc063aa37839This one takes the cake, they really went all out, well done!

Alright, now I just need one of my own to
love and share 😀

Which is your favorite?

Happy New Year!
Have a beautiful 2016

133 thoughts on “Little Free Library Lookbook

  1. This is a really cool idea. I don’t know which books I put in it though…..I will have to give this some thought in the new year.
    If I couldn’t build the tardis one…I would probably do something along a Stonehenge or Easter Island theme.


  2. Abbie Lu, I have thought these are the best! THE BEST! idea! I am a retired children’s librarian in the public library system and also a retired elementary teacher. I placed the logo on the bottom of my book review blog because I just love these. I have not done one myself but I need to seriously think about it. My husband built our house and could build me one. For sure! : ) He doesn’t know about this idea stirring yet!
    I think I like the Theatre one the best…TODAY!
    Thanks for sharing these unique and clever designs.
    ~ linda @ The Reader and the Book and Being Woven

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    • You can either build your own or by various different ones from their website. They have ones you can customize with your own paint etc. or ones that are 100% complete as well. Whether you make one on your own or buy one, if you want it to be registered on the website (so that people can located you in their area,) you have to pay a one time registration fee. By doing that you get number, and a certificate to hang in you library. There may be other perks as well, but I’m still learning too. 🙂 If you don’t want to do that, you could always just operate yours independently as your own little book exchange post. I personally like the idea of registering, because then you’re part of the LFL community. Also by registering like I said, people can locate your library, which adds a touch of fun because it’s like geocaching. 🙂 Follow the link on my blog post to the LFL website, and they have all the info. 😀

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  3. I like 1, 6, 7 & 10 – maybe because they all look like little houses and that appeals to my sense of – I don’t know – something to do with being cute and cozy.

    I like them all, really, because they are libraries and because they exist! Good luck with making your own one.

    I saw a similar thing in a dress shop the other day – a set of bookshelves and two armchairs, right next to the changing rooms, with a notice that it’s a free library. I thought it was such a cool idea to sit reading or browsing while your friend is trying things on (because that’s really kinda boring sometimes, isn’t it?). And if you have a book you don’t need any more you can bring it in and swop it for one that’s there.

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  4. These are very cool. My wife and I have one in front of our house but it needs a bit of work. Hope these pictures will inspire me to fix it up a bit.

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  5. I love the clock! My great grandmother have a huge ornate grandfather clock that I adored. I also adore your blog which is why I nominated you for Sisterhood of the World Award-

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