LFL New Year’s Resolutions

My 2016 New Year’s Resolution is to have and Steward a

Little Free Library


I don’t usually do NY’s resolutions,
so I’m taking this one very seriously, and I’m super excited.

8461848b014b6ef8_8108-w400-h534-b0-p0--home-designI know there are many different feelings about the Little Free Library movement, and it’s mostly positive ( at least within the LFL community.) Unfortunately there has been some nuetral and negative feedback as well. People have made statements that they don’t understand the idea, since we have public libraries. Others say the books and/or  library are likely to just be stolen, and/or vandalized/damaged. I’ve also heard people say LFL’s are only in rich neighborhoods, so they aren’t really helping anyone. >:/

I can certainly understand confusion, and most of the various thoughts and feelings about these little wonders. However, I think if you take the time to consider who and what these libraries are really for, you’ll likely begin to see the beauty in them.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:
8afa2c92a9ba8fbd09bca9d9f0e77a7a I think Little Free Libraries are a great way to build community relationship. Most of them encourage taking a book, so you can’t really “steal.” They start people talking about books, add interest and a touch of fun to any area, and they are oh so quaint. The project alone can be a great team building exercise, family project, and/or form of self-expression. Once one is posted, it is a great opportunity for conversation. Best of all if you are like me and have a gazzillion books, and have a serious Tsundoku problem, they create a fun place to put some used books.

There doesn’t really have to be a reason to create and steward one, but I’m sure the majority of reasons are well intended.

I personally would like to do one because I love books, and I especially love sharing books. Plus, Little Free Libraries are just the kind of quirky fun concept that inspires me. As for my future LFL, if it gets stolen or damaged, sure I’ll be sad, but it is what it is, and I’ll probably just do another one (eventually.) Maybe they are a fad and will fizzle out like Ferbies. Maybe mine will sit there cold and lonely and no one will appreciate or use it, but then hey, I’ll just have a really cool birdhouse. 😀

What are your thoughts on Little Free Libraries?

Click here for the book

145 thoughts on “LFL New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Wow! You have around 300 hits on each post…
    Hey Friend Please help me to get followers..,
    I just have started my blog…
    Shere my posts to book lovers like you…
    Have Good Day…

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  2. Hey, this is just the thing that I am looking for! But I am so far away and don’t know how it would fit my scenario. Anyway, I think this is a super idea. A friend of mine once suggested that we leave books we have read on a bench with the following writing… when you finish pass it on!

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  3. Hi Abbie Lu,
    Thanks very much for liking my latest post on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” as a political commentary. I’ve looked your site over, and it’s fascinating, so I’ve signed up. I’d be happy to contribute to your “little library”, so look over my novels on Amazon and let me know if you would like one or more donated. As to your offer to review books, I’d be honored if you read and reviewed mine, so let me know and I’ll send you a coupon.
    Cheers, Don Maker

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  4. I find this absolutely lovely. I have so many books that are good but I will likely not read again, I’d love to “steward” one. Unfortunately this is Mexico. Can’t even think about it. Instead I donate books to the french Lycée. They love it. Save some for the library, sell the others. and then I buy old books from them and still can’t find space in my bookshelves. Haha!

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  5. Hi, I live near a very small town in sw France. I’m pleased that we have two free book points in this town. One in a bar, and another outside a private home. I can take as many books as I want at any time. There is no obligation to return it, but of course I do, as well as adding to the library. Often people simply leave their unwanted books. I am pleased that I can find books in English language. It’s a great system.

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