Season’s Greadings Tag

Everyone loves to cozy up during the Christmas and Holiday season.
So for my first attempt at a blog tag, I am rocking a Christmas/Holiday theme.


You don’t need to be tagged to participate.

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greadings!

1) Favorite book/s to read during the Holiday season?

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

2) Tell us your best Christmas memory.

The year the family was up at my parents farm and it snowed Christmas day. We don’t get much  snow anymore in Portland, OR and I LOVE snow.

3) Favorite fictional winter wonderland?

2013-10-01-chronicles_of_narnia.jpgNarnia, if we can avoid the “queen.

4) Snow man or Snow Angel?

imagesSnow Angel
… and then a snowman because if it snows here I’m going all out.

5) What is your all time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?

Home Alone”  “White Christmas

6) If you could spend the Holidays anywhere (fiction or non-fiction,) where would you go?


7) Who would you like to meet under the mistletoe?

Nicholas Garwood

8) What is your favorite hot holiday drink?

babble-2-of-4Eggnog Mocha

9) What author from any time would you like to have a cup with?

il_340x270.682780256_kf5a.jpgHands down Mr. C.S. Lewis!

10) What book are you hoping Santa will bring you?

“The Nightingale”

Let the Tagging begin:
The Red-Capped Potato



59 thoughts on “Season’s Greadings Tag

  1. Hi Abbie, my list in order is, 1/ “The shepherd” by Frederick Forsyth 2/ ? 3/ Middle Earth minus orcs and goblins 4/ Both! 5/ A Christmas Carol with Alistair Simm – Black & White version only 6/ Victoria, B.C. 7/ My wife, of course 8/ Hot Apple Cider 9/ Timothy Keller – pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City Have a blessed Christmas, Charles

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      • I just finished re-reading “The Shepherd” by Frederick Forsyth. It is a short story that I try to read every Christmas. Here in Canada, it used to be read every Christmas Eve by Alan Maitland (fondly remembered as “Fireside Al”), on the C.B.C. our national radio network. It is what you might call a Christmas Ghost Story, written about 30 years ago (or longer). It is about a young British fighter jet pilot on his way home on Christmas leave. Over the North Sea he loses all his navigational equipment and finds himself “flying blind.” If you discover the book, I will leave it to you who discover who/what the “Shepherd” is. It is a good read. Charles

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  2. Did I miss something? Was this something mentioned in the last few assignments? Please let me know what this is and what you are doing. Is this an “Event”? The only tag I’m aware of is #tagname that I apply to posts before publishing them.
    I enjoy your blog. Thanks

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