Saga Saturday II

My pick for this Saturday is a favorite of mine. Also it is a books I love to read aroun the Christmas season, as it is rich with the Christmas spirit.

Here is my Saga Saturday Selection:

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Little Women
I adore this book written by author Louisa May Alcott. It is such a great story about family, friendship, and love. The story is about the life and relationships of the four March sisters. I can especially relate, as I have 4 sisters of my own, which makes it special for me. I can identify a little bit with each of the sisters, but mostly the character of Jo. She is the main protagonist of the story, Jo is a very passionate person and writer. The story follows her and her sisters through many joys, adventures, and tragedies.
This books is so delightfully old fashioned, which is one of the things I love most about it. I know there are so many people out there who love and cherish this heartwarming book as much as I do.

orange_mocha_5Rated 4.4 on
Book Bean: Orange Mocha
I love chocolate and orange! Try adding a bit of orange extract, zest of orange, or orange syrup/liqueur to your next mocha or hot chocolate. It is simply heaven.

Little Women as many know, was also made into a movie three times, once in 1933, again in 1949 and lastly in 1994. I think the book is best, which sort of goes without saying. However, I loved both movies that were made as well.lwwp





Have you read Little women, or perhaps seen the either of the movie adaptations?

Share your thoughts.
Fun Fact: Little Women was originally published in two volumes
in 1868 and 1869.

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”

83 thoughts on “Saga Saturday II

  1. I have just started to read classic books that have to do with women back then. I am reading books by Kate Chopin, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, etc. I simply adore the style of these excellent writers. Great post. I will certainly make sure to read Little Women as it’s such a classic! 🙂

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  2. Hello Again Abbielu, I have never read “Little Women” but my eldest daughter loved the book when she was younger. She also watched many times the movie that starred a young Elizabeth Taylor. I forget who played Jo, but I remember it being an excellent movie. We used to have a copy of it on VHS, but that is long gone. By the way, if you obtain a copy of the “Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey”, it is a book well worth reading aloud, to a group of people, especially with children present. As I have said to you before, it is a delightful book. Charles

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  3. I think that i read a Dr, Suess quote about books on your site but I don’t remember where I saw it. I believe it said something about filling your house with books. Do you remember the quote? Charles

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  5. I just had a nostalgic craving to rewatch the ’94 movie earlier today! Now, it’s officially my plans for tonight. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    Probably because I first learned the story through the ’94 movie as a kid before reading the book, this version will always be my favorite – one of the few times a movie got it really right!

    Happy Saturday!

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  6. My all-time favourite book as a child. I think Jo inspired me like many to be a writer. Never wanted to spoil the magic of the story by watching the movie – some things are better left to the imagination!

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  7. I finished this book in November and I must say I was entertained throughout the whole novel. So many twists and turns which I didn’t expect! And I like how the book reminds us that happy endings take different forms; that although we might not have gotten what we originally wished for, we may yet have another “castle in the sky” waiting for us.

    Though I really wish Jo ended up with Laurie. (Please tell me you agree!)

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  8. My name is Mariantonietta ( like the france Queen) and I’m ah historian, a journalist, but I was born linguist.
    I graduated in English Language and Literature and Spanish.
    Obvious that I love the literature of Louisa M. Alcott ( knew well “Little Women” when I was a girl: now I’m 61 years old)l),
    I like “Pride and Prejudice” , too and I love the writing of Charlotte Brontë…
    I literally crave the writing of Charlotte Brontë: i love her masterpiece.
    I love the English moor, locations and fair play (I am a passionate lady: therefore love what is my opposite).

    I live in the South of Italy and would love one day to visit the fantastic England that these books evoke.

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  9. If you enjoy Little Women, I think you will also enjoy March by Geraldine Brooks. She takes the character of the girls’ father and writes his story while he is away in the Civil War. My book group read it and it’s one of the few titles we all raved about.

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  11. I get very little time to read, my Dear Abbie, Alas for that. I ‘have’ read Little Women, and it was Good indeed.

    You have the Right Spirit. So Enjoy Your Christmas Hols, Your Coffee, ‘as well as’ Our Compliments.

    Love and Regards. 🙂

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  12. I used to adore this book, I read it over and over when I was younger. I really must get back to some of the classics in 2016. Saying that there’s so many books out there to get to … Great review, if nothing else, will go looking out one of the films!

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  13. I’ve loved Little Women for more than sixty years. I have a collection of four movie versions:
    1933 with Katharine Hepburn as Jo
    1949 with June Allyson as Jo
    1970 BBC TV miniseries with Angela Down as Jo
    1994 with Winona Ryder as Jo
    I wouldn’t part with them for anything. Thank you, Abbie Lu, for the follow.

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