Noteworthy Non-Fiction

I love reading great non-fiction books. I enjoy reading about historical events and people. I love memoirs and biographies of interesting and diverse characters. I also will read an occasional self-help book, if it’s applicable and not too overly cliche.

Here are some great noteworthy non-fiction books:
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 If you haven’t already read this book I highly recommend it. This girl wrote so well in her journal, and told her story so exceptionally. – semi-spoiler alert! – For her to be able to tell her story in the midst of such hardship and have it survive in her place, is beautiful. It’s a bit haunting knowing that she wrote this leading up to what was likely a very horrendous end. I felt a bit of a knot in my core that was hard to shake. I tend to get very attached to the lives and stories of protagonist in books, and
it’s always very difficult when bad
things happen. The eeriness with this book was that I couldn’t tell myself
(it’s just a book.)
Diary of a Young Girl
Rated: 4.6 on
Book Bean: Simple Tea
You may not feel like spoiling yourself with anything decadent while reading about such hardship.
On a much lighter note there is this delightful book about the real life happenings of one Ellen Degeneres. Now, I am a fan of Ellen’s, I love the style of her humor and wit. So I am quiet a bit biased going into this little mini review. This book is a breath of fresh air. It is pure Ellen genius, and I sped right through it. At the end I was sad it was over, the light-hearted gentle humor was such an endorphin rush. I don’t know if other people will feel as I did reading it,
but I sure hope so. 🙂
The Funny Thing Is
Rated: a shocking 3.9 on
Book Bean: Alppuchino
I know I’m not Ellen, I need to drink more Iced Green Tea.
This is a fantastic book. I purchased it because it was inviting and looked really interesting. It is about chief Quanah Parker and the rise and fall of the Comanche tribe. Being of Native American heritage myself, I am drawn to historical books such as this. What I love about this book is that it reads like a novel. The story is so engrossing and interesting. It was well written, informative, and entertaining as well. If you are interested in Native American Culture and/or History (or even if you’re not) this is a must read.
Empire of The Summer Moon
Rated: 4.5 on
Book Bean: Trail Mix Mocha Latte
Espresso with steamed milk, flavored with chocolate, almond extract, and cherry. Keep it natural for a better more earthy flavor.
 I know, another book about the Holocaust, but it is such an exceptional book. This particular book is written by Victor Frankl an Austrian Neurologist and Psychologist. He writes about the events that took place from a different point of view than other books I’ve read, which I really liked. He would break down the why’s and woes of each person’s action/reaction, and I  found that fascinating. This book is part Holocaust experience story, part “what I’ve discovered because of it.” It’s like getting a mini-documentary and a self-help book all in one.
Man’s Search For Meaning
Rated: 4.7 on
Book Bean: Plain Brewed Coffee
Again you won’t feel like indulging while reading this painful memoir.
And to end with another light-hearted note. Lucile Ball, the comic legend and genius. This autobiography was discovered randomly after her death. Again I am probably a bit biased here, because I ADORE Lucy. I Love Lucy was iconic. I grew up watching it, and to this day it is my favorite! Lucille ball and Ricky Ricardo are a match made in heaven (on screen at least.) I love the behind the scene detail, and the great pictures that accompany this book. I am so happy that this gem was discovered so that we could enjoy her legacy.
Screen-shot-2012-04-30-at-9.46.00-AMLove, Lucy
Rated: 4.8 on
Book Bean: Vitameatavegamin!
But seeing as it’s so hard to find, how about a mouthful of
Truffle Cocoa, to get in the Lucy spirit 🙂


I know there are so many other lovely books that I’m leaving out. Books that I just haven’t read yet, or wasn’t thinking of. However, these are the ones that stood out to me. 🙂

What non-fictions book/s stand out to you?

43 thoughts on “Noteworthy Non-Fiction

  1. All the books you mentioned look interesting, I have not read any of them except Ann Frank, I hate to admit that though. The one on Quanah Parker looks good. I love history and the exploration and settlement of the west. I like reading personal journals and accounts.
    I have been meaning to read the Frankl book.
    I like biographies, as well. Some science fiction, history is a big favorite.
    Off the top of my head, books that I have read that have stayed with me, and left an impression would be, “Ascent Of Man” by Jacob Bronowski, “The Power Of Myth” by Bill Moyers, and Joseph Campbell, and anything by Carl Sagan.

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    • I think you would really enjoy Empire of the Summer Moon. Frankl’s is a really quick read. The Ascent of Man is on my TBR list. I hope you get a chance to read them! If you do let me know what you thought. 🙂

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      • I wish J had a life time just to read the books that interest me. I will check that out. I had quite a library at one time, but had to get rid of most of my books because of space issues. That hurt me more than anything. I love books..

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  2. If you’re interested in books on the Holocaust, you might like Hannah Arendt’s On the Banality of Evil. She covered the trial of Adolph Eichmann in Jerusalem, and the overriding sense she got of the people who engineered the Final Solution was that the “monsters” who perpetuated this monstrous event weren’t monsters at all; that in the end it was sad that such banal people created the horror for banal reasons. Quite fascinating.

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  3. I have loved Man’s Search For Meaning ever since I read it in High School. Another non-fiction book that I loved was Unbroken. It’s way better than the movie, although drifting around with them on the Pacific ocean grew rather wearisome.

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  4. Love these, great choices but partial to Anne Frank and I love Lucy! The following is related but a bit off topic; Ever since Ellen Degeneres started her own line of leather shoes I cannot look at her the same. She calls herself a vegan and animal lover but then takes part in a money making scheme that supports animal cruelty? So many people are outraged by this and calling her out about it. Every time I see her name I can’t help but feel anything but disgust.

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