What’s The Story, Wishbone

Wishbone was such a great show because it brought classic literature to life. At a very young age it made amazing works of fiction like Oliver Twist, Moby Dick, and Gulliver’s Travels, something fun and exciting. Some of the books featured on this show are very challenging literary feats, and I love that they did not stick to easy reads. Inspiring young kids and adults to read challenging works of fiction in such a creative way was brilliant. Plus who doesn’t love a Jack Russell Terrier who dresses up and does tricks, the cuteness was like media glue!
I know that watching these shows helped shape me into the reader I am today. In my trip down memory lane I ended up finding these delightful little books, and I want them all!

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Did you love Wishbone?
What was your favorite episode/story?

I loved the show Wishbone growing up, and a fellow blogger inspired me to post about it, thank you for the spark L. Boogie! Check out their blog here.
Fun Fact:  Wishbone’s real life name was “Soccer” and he won the role of Wishbone because out of 100 dog auditions, he was the most expressive.
Click here if you want to re-live your 90’s childhood
Wishbone Collection
or if you want to see what all the hype is about.


17 thoughts on “What’s The Story, Wishbone

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    My favorite episode was about African storytelling where they covered the stories of Anansi the Spider and The People Could Fly. Also, the Rip Van Winkle episode wasn’t bad either. I especially liked how at the end of every episode they did these behind the scenes video clips that showed you how they created that days episode.

    Great post though. Really brought me back!

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  2. My Goodness! Wishbone was amazing. This show introduced me to so many wonderful stories. I fell in love with literature because of these series. In fact over the last 3 months, I went through and re watched every episode. Even though I’m abit older now, the show was as wonderful as I remember it. I used to have the CD ROM for this show when I was a kid ( Back when windows 95 was still a thing lol ). I remember playing with it for hours and I also had the chapter books. Thank you for this blast from the past 🙂 I absolutely loved the Anansi story.

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