Charming Children’s Classics

I have loved books since I can remember, and growing up I got to read a lot. I was privileged enough to get to experience so much great literature. I have continued to enjoy these books for years. All of the books are so beautifully written and illustrated.

Here is my list of Charming Children’s Classics.
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Winnie the Pooh is so fantastically brilliant, I can’t get enough of it. The relate-able fun characters are brought together magically in these wonderful tales and poems. I bet we all know a person or two who resembles an Eeyore, Tigger, or Rabbit, etc. Each clever little story is brought to us via the imagination of Christopher Robin, and A.A. Milne of course.
honey-bread-milk-table-39141976The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh
Rated: 4.8 on
Book Bean: Warm Milk and Honey of course.
It’ll make your tummy rumble for more.


I love this book because the message is so universally important. It’s a great message for both children and adults. It teaches us so much and I know I am the better for reading it. All of Dr. Seuss’ books are amazing, but I picked this one because I feel it is so well acknowledged and appreciated across the board.
download (1)Oh, The Places You’ll Go
Rated: 4.9 on
Book Bean: Pink Yink Drink 😉
Coconut Milk heated with strawberry syrup.
Beatrix Potter brought us so many darling stories. Who doesn’t love Jemima Puddle-Duck, Tom Kitten, and of course the timeless Peter Rabbit. The art work alone is amazing. Everything about her work is so charming, and more. I love this particular compilation of ten favorites.
524201a0e263fcc904b198c1e31b31dcA Beatrix Potter Treasury
Rated: 4.9 on
Book Bean: Tea Time
Good old fashion Earl Grey Tea with cream and sugar cubes to taste.

Oh the ever curious little monkey we all know and love. These stories are great and so much fun. George is so likeable and teaches us so many great lessons. Lessons about sharing, caring, learning, and compassion. I loved it growing up and I love it now.
imagesThe Complete Adventures of Curious George
Rated: 4.6 on
Book Bean: Banana Steamer
Blend up bananas add hot/steamed milk and  a little agave syrup (if you like it sweeter) and blend well. Pour in mugs and enjoy the frothy goodness!


Paddington bear is the epitomy of charming. His friendly attitude, good nature, and manners are what we love about this adorable little bear. Another great story with a great message wrapped in fuzzy cuteness. This book teaches us about the importance of acceptance, family, and neighborly-ness.
download (3)A Bear Called Paddington
Rated: 4.7 on
Book Bean: Hot Marmalade Cider
For a quick trick heat apple juice with pumpkin spice (cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg) and orange slices. Enjoy with and orange slice and cinnamon stick.


This is a classic that will warm any heart. It is a touching tale of a child’s stuffed rabbit. This story has a deep eerie quality that is so sad and wonderful at the same time. You may be in tears when you read it but you will love it all the more. Overall a heart-filled lovely little story to be cherished.
Hot chocolate with mint and marshmallowsThe Velveteen Rabbit
Rated: 4.6 on
Book Bean: Mint-Mallow Hot Chocolate
Make up some yummy hot chocolate add in mint leaf and marshmallows. Sweet and cozy.

There are many other classics that are also fantastic, but I narrowed it down to a few timeless reads. These are geared (or were originally anyway) toward the ages of about 7yrs and under.

I myself still love to read and enjoy these
beautiful literary gems, time and time again!

Fun Fact: The first illustrated book to be created explicitly for children was in 1658. This book was Orbis Pictus an encyclopedia-like book written by John Amos Comenius.
Click here for more children’s classics


35 thoughts on “Charming Children’s Classics

  1. I grew up on all these classic children’s stories and hope the next generation of children do too. But with so much to choose from now, I worry that some of the classics and the good stories they told might get lost in the modern world. Thanks for highlighting them in your charming blog.

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  3. How delightful that you named each of my favorite books as a young child, with the only exception of Charlotte’s Web (but I didn’t like it until I read it again when was a little older). I continue to read the Chronicles of Narnia every year (or so). Thank you for the follow. I am your blog’s new friend also.

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    • I love Charlotte’s Web as well, and it will make it on to my list of Big Kid’s Classics 🙂 I’m with you on The Chronicles of Narnia, I could read them over and over and not get tired of it. Glad to connect with you!


  4. When I was 4 years old (with brothers aged 5 and 2), our family television broke. Instead of fixing it or buying a new television, my parents decided to invest in a children’s book club, along with regular visits to bookstores and libraries. So I grew up without television (until late college; and it’s been little but background noise since) and surrounded with books. There’s hardly a child’s book I’ve not thoroughly enjoyed. And I still enjoy reading every single one! Just two weeks ago, I enjoyed reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish; and I recently finished Little Women. Some Robert Louis Stevenson is in line for a revisit within the next several weeks. And The Wind in the Willows.

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  5. We must pass this legacy on to our children and grandchildren, nurturing young readers so they will become young adult and adult readers. My grandchildren now have Dr. Seuss in their midst–books, hat, and all– along with Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Curious George, and more. The “and more” will continue as they grow.

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  6. I agree with everyone here. This is a great list. It is up to us, friends, grandparents, parents and other relatives to surround children with these and other great books. You paired them so well with the hot beverages too. Now I am off to enjoy an Earl Grey tea and a Beatrix Potter book. I always give them as baby shower gifts.

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  7. Such great choices – I especially like Winnie the Pooh and The Velveteen Rabbit. Although not the same as the original books, my kids grew up on Pooh tapes which have the same gentle, everyone gets along theme, such a nice message about different personalities.

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