Great Magazines

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking to myself “I wish I had a good magazine.” There are a lot of junk magazines out there and some that are so-so, but there are only a few that I would deem great magazines.

Here are the magazine that meet the mark for me.

downloadNational Geographic – I have always treasured this magazine. As a kid I used to dream about being an archaeologist, and I would drool over it’s pages. This is a beautiful magazine. The pictures are always stunning, and there are always good reads.
National Geographic
ThisOldHouse-CoverThis Old House – I had to pick one from the home decor genre because I always have to have one around. I love home decorating and organizing tips, pictures, and articles. There are others that I like as well: Elle Decor, Country Living, Coastal Living, and sometimes BHG. However, I just like This Old House the best, it is the most well-rounded and best quality, in my opinion.
tumblr_nvldciR0v31tkew4no1_500Highlights – I know I know, it’s a kids magazine, but I had to add it just for fun. I loved this magazine growing up, and to this day if I see it in a waiting room you better believe I’m picking that bad boy up and doing the search and find.
imagesReaders Digest – This is an amazing literary magazine. There are always great stories and articles. I used to read my grandmothers and I never stopped, that’s gotta mean something.
Reader’s Digest
download (1)Sunset – A great all around magazine. It’s got a little bit of everything, home, garden, living, etc. The quality and content are great, and I’m from the west so…

Book Beans: These are all great with regular morning coffee and/or afternoon tea (I like mine green.)

These are all biased to my own preferences of course. There are many fantastic genre specific magazines. I also have not read every magazine, so please share if you know a really good one.

Typically what constitutes a great magazine for me is:
 – Not super full of ads. Some magazines have so many ads that you can’t tell between them and the content of the magazine.
 – Great photography and good structure. I like a magazine that is aesthetically pleasing and well organized 🙂
 – Last but not lease there needs to be tangible well written content. I like reading about things that I can relate to and/or that I can apply to my life and various situations.

Fun Fact: The day before Thanksgiving is the highest date for magazine sales, but November is the slowest month for magazine sales…

OH and magazines are like books for me, I like the smell!

If you want really nice Italian coffee and/or espresso try the original  Bialetti Moka. You will not be dissapointed!

10 thoughts on “Great Magazines

  1. I agree with your list of what makes a good magazine. I buy so much of Nat Geo that I really should just get a subscription. I also like the Traditional Home magazine, Scientific American Mind, and New Philosopher.
    I’ll go with tea for my reads :).

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  2. I used to subscribe to National Geographic. But they began to change in their TV partnerships with FOX more than a decade ago, which pulled them into reality TV realm. The magazine purchase is now complete (see results below). I think the brand is now no longer. But there are still many other great magazines, including Smithsonian, which does a great job where NG once was the dominant voice.

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  3. I am a fan of Time Magazine, because it presents news in an artistic way, and finds new stories to tell, new aspects of old stories to explore, and of course has commanding cover photos. Any news media format is immensely challenged today because of the internet and its presentation of the news as it happens, but Time succeeds.

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